3. Chapter 3.




“Alright, class dismissed!”


Oh no! I didn’t learn almost ANYTHING! I was too focused on Professor Michael! I stay in my sitt, and nervously looking around.


“Is something wrong Emma?”


I look up to find Professor Michael giving me a look with concern. I get in a little panic attack. Thankfully he doesn’t see.


“Um, no! I’m fine!”


“Are you sure? You seem a little nervous..”


“Yeah! I’m totally fine! Nothing strange here! Hahaha..”


God i’m an idiot! Why can’t i just act normal around him!? As i try to convince him, it doesn’t seem to work. He kept looking at me, now with a weird look to it. God no, he thinks I’m weird!!


“Well alright.”


I look up in surprize. He believe me?


“If you need anything, or want to talk. You know where you can find me”


“Y-yes Professor!”


After that, he went out the room. Thank god! I thought i was screwed there! If he found out that i didn’t listen in class, cause i was staring at him. I was DONE FOR!! I then get my things, and head on to the next class.




Next class, english. Finally a class i’m good at! It’s not like i’m bad at my other classes. It’s just that this is my best scored class, so the teacher loves me. I’m not sure if i’m glad that i’m her favorite though. She keeps smiling at me weirdly, and always asks me in class. I where in the doorway of the class when i saw Professor Michael standing at the teacher table. What in the world is HE doing here?! I quickly find my seat, and sit down. Of course i have one of the four tests seat in the front! I try not to get eye contact with him, after the last class. But it didn’t help.


“Alright class. Mis. Balcer is sick today, so i’m here instead of her. Now who can tell me what you have worked with the past weeks?”


Serverel were looking straight at me. I nervously looking down, for him not to pick me.






“Emma, could you please tell me what you have worked with the past weeks?”


“Y-yes Professor. We have worked with why there are war in the world, and what our meaning with it is.”


“Thank you Emma. So you all know what to do now, correct?”


There came servreal yes’es from my classmates. I just kept looking down in my paper, trying to hide. Omg, i’m so close to him..! What do i do?! I suddenly can’t remember anything we’ve learned the past weeks!! I sit and panic a little. No one in my class sees it, since they’re already began their work.


“Emma, is something wrong? You know you can talk to me, right?”


I looked up at him in surprise.


“Yes, i know!”


“Can we talk outside for a moment?”


“Y-yes of course.”


We walk outside the classroom, without any of my classmates seeing us. They’re too busy with their work.


“So.. what did you want to talk about?”


“You’ve been acting strange lately. And not just today.. Is there something wrong at your home?”


“Huh? N-no! Nothings wrong at home! I’ve just been home alone these past days that's all..”


“So that’s the reason.. Don’t you like being home alone?”


“Huh? I um.. I don’t know.. I mean it’s fine i’m not scared or anything.”


“How long are your parent's away?”


“They’re first coming home in a week. They’re on a bussistrip, and my sister is at her friends house till they get home.”


“I see. If you do not like being home alone, you can always come home with me, i wouldn’t mind.”


“W-what?! N-no i couldn't do that! I don’t want to ruin your privacy!”


“It is quite alright. I’d rather have you home with me, than to be scared alone home.”


“You’re really nice Professor, but i can’t..”


“Hmm.. Well my door is always open.”


“Thank you… “




“And then he was like you can’t tell me what to do! And we all just laughed! And- Hey! Are you even listening?”


“Huh? Oh! Sorry Ashley.. “


“Hey, what’s wrong?”


“Well.. “


I was hesitant to tell her. It was really weird what just happened.. Ashley already knows i like Professor Michael. And she don’t think any less of me, cause she thinks he’s hot too, but aren’t gonna take him. She wouldn't do that to me, and i’m thankful to her for that.


“Well? Tell me!”


“Ok fine. You know Professor Michael right? Yeah of course you do-”


“Yeah of course! What about him?”


“Well, apparently i’ve been acting strangely the last couple of days, so he asked me about it.”




“I told him i’ve been alone at home these past days. He then asked me if i were scared to be home alone. I said no, but i’m actually not sure.”


“Then what happened?”


“He.. He asked me if i wanted to stay at his place, till my parents get home.”


“Omg!! Really?! What did you way?!?”


“I said thanks but no! What did you think i actually would have said yes?!”


“Well you like him don’t you?! So why didn’t you do it?!”


“Well.. I don’t want to ruin his privacy.”


“Blahh!! You should have accepted! Then you could make him fall for you~”


“W-what?! N-no i couldn't! Beside he probably already have a girlfriend!!”


“Hmmm? You sureee?~”


“Well, no. But what if he have?! What would you think if your boyfriend took a girl home, for a week?!”


“Hmm, guess you’re right.”




“Welp, class starting soon.”


“Oh yeah! It’s music right? Then we can hang out together!”


“Oh yeah! Yes!!”

Me and Ashley headed to the music room. She kept talking about what could happen if i took with Professor Michael home. I was super embarrassed, and kept trying to get away from the subject. But she kept jumping back, so it ended with us almost only talking about that.

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