2. Chapter 2.


My cat was standing on the kitchen table with flour all in his fur. I began laughing at him, and he tried to hide his face from embarrassment. I went over to him to brush the flour off.


“Are you ok kitty?”




I smiled to kitty, and began cleaning up. What a mess. How can a little thing like him, make so much mess? As i was thinking to myself, i got a big smile. I then looked at kitty and began laughing a little bit again.


After cleaning the mess up. I walked in the living room again. The time was 10:46pm. Wow it’s late. Better go to bed. I was on my way to bed. Just have to brush teeth and all that first. After finishing, i went to my room. Laid in my bed. And began sleeping.






The sun was shining into my room from the window. My cat laid in my bed with me.


“Good morning Kitty.”


As i greeted him good morning, i petted him. sigh.. A new day is ahead of me. i looked at kitty. right kitty? I smiled at her.


“Welp. Better get up.”


I swung out off bed, and stood on my feet. I chose a pair of clothes, and sat my hair. As i jumped down the stairs i was on my way to say “Morning dad. Morning mom.” But then i realized i was home alone.


“Oh yeah.. Guess it’s only us two Kitty.”


I smiled at him once again, and walked to the kitchen for some breakfast. A bowl, some cereal, and some milk. Ready for some morning TV. I sat at the dining table to eat. I can easily see the Tv from here. It was dad's fault i couldn’t see it before. As i think that, i begin laughing a little bit.


“It’s kinda lonely when i’m all alone. Well.. At least i have you Kitty!”


Kitty jumped up on the stool next to me.


“You’re just sooo adorable!!”


While talking with my cat, the time flies by.


“Oh it’s 7:30 already?! Better get going then!”


As i take my bag, i leave the house. I wave to Kitty in the window. And run off to the buss stop. As i run i see Ashley there.


“Hey Ashley!”


Ashley looked my way hearing my voice.


“Oh hey Emma! How was the weekend?”


“My weekend? Well it was fine. I went to this party. That was pretty fun. How about you?”


“Not much actually.”


“Really?! You always have something to do!”


“Yeah.. But this was just a nice, relaxing weekend. Really needed that.”


Saying that a little embarrassed, i nod.


“Hey the bus’s here!”


As we get on the buss we keep talking. Me and Ashley can talk about everything. She’s always the first i come to. And i’m always the first one she comes to. We’re the bestest friends!! As we see the school in the distance, we get our stuff and get out. Me and Ashley don’t have the same classes. But we share some gym, physics, art and music. So we always hung out in those. First class is Biology. I wave bye to Ashley when we say our goodbyes. I find my seat, and get out all my biology stuff.


“Ok students, class is started.”






“Ok, class’ dismissed.”


Crowd cheering.


All in my class cheerers with relief. I can’t help but thinking i’m glad for class is over too. Though it was only the first period. Sigh. I pack my stuff in my bag again, and head for the roof.


Me and Ashley always hang out on the roof when we get breaks. As i walked up the stairs i see Ashley at her usual spot.


“Hey Ashley!”




“How was History?”


“Oh, fine. Well, boring as ever.”


Saying that we both laugh.


“Ok, ok. How was math?”


“Pretty much the same.”


“You have Geografi too, right?”


“Mhm. It’s not that hard, but it’s still a little confusing.”


We both laugh again.


“Hehe yeah.. But hey! It’s over soon!”


She smiles and give me a little friendly push.




A give her a little push back. And before we know it, we’re sitting and pushing and dashing at each other.


“Ok, ok, i give up!!”


Ashley gives up, as always.


“And as always i win!! Haha!”


“Yeah, yeah whatever. But i’ll win next time!”


“You wish!”


We keep goofing around, till the bell rings. And we each hurry too our separate classes.


“See you later Ashley!”


“See ya!!”


As i run to class i meet my teacher on the way.


“Professor Michael!”


“Oh, well hello Emma. How was your weekend?”


“Good! How about you?”


“Well good to heir. Mine was good aswell.”


As we get in the classroom i find my seat and get out my things. Math. My favorite subject! But not because of the “subject”, it’s because Professor Michael. He is just soooo dreamy!! I know he’s some years older than me. But he’s just so handsome. I just can’t get my eyes off him. As i sit in my dream world, i get a question from Professor Michael.




“ ...Huh?!”


“What is the square root of 82?"


“Oh umm... 9.06?”




Thank good. I give a little sigh in relief. I have to concentrate better. Or else i will get a question i can’t answer. I take myself together, and get to listening.


the square root


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