The unexpected

This is a story about a girl a girl who get's home, And some weird stuff happen.


1. The unexpected.

I just got home from school. Mom and dad wasn't home. I couldn't find big bro anywhere. So i just went up to my room. I was online chatting with my friends. I was video chatting with my best friend, Melissa. We were talking about boys.


“So Malissa. Who’s your crush?”

Malissa gave a little shock, of the question.

“Why you asking?”

She seemed a little nervous. Well i would be too though.

“Just curious. So who is it?”

Melissa looked down while answering.

“well.. you know that guy from 9th grade..?”

“That grade with my brother in? Which one, there’s so many.”

“That bradley guy..”

I was a little choked off her answer.

“Bradley H?”

She nodded.

“OMG!! You like brady!? That’s sooo cute!!!”

I was so surprised that it was Bradley H! He’s pretty hot though.

“Ok, ok. You don’t have to yell..!”

“oh, dont worry. I’m alone home.”

Just as i said that, i heard some noise from down stairs.

“I heard something. I’ll be right back.”

“oh ok”

I stood up, and walked over to my door. I opened it slowly, ‘cause i wasn't sure who it was. When either my mom or dad comes home they jell that they’re home. But it was silent today. I slowly walked out my door, and looked down the stairs, to see if i could see someone. But i couldn't. So I slowly walked down the stairs.


I looked from the corner off the wall. No one at the front door, no one in the livingroom and  no one in the bathroom. It was 6pm in winter, so it was pretty dark outside. I didn't want to turn on the light, ‘couss then the person would know I was here. If there where a person.


I walked to the kitchen. Nobody there. I thought it was wired. Where did the noise come from? I went to get a glass of water, and go up stairs again. But what I saw in the corner off my eye, made me step back a little. One off the kitchen knife’s was missing. It wasn't in the dishwasher, or in the sink.


I got really scared. I slowly backed out off the kitchen, and up the stairs. I wen’t inside my room, and locked the door. I hurried over to Melissa on my laptop, to tell her what where  going on. She got scared to now. She told me to call the police. But i couldn't get myself to do it


“What if it’s a false alarm?”

“Well what if it isn’t?!”

Malissa was being real serious now. Maybe i should call them.

“Alright i’ll call them.”

I was going after my phone beside me. But it wasn't there. I was looking after my phone. Now desperately.

“What is it?”

“I can’t find my phone..!”


I was freaking out. Then i remembered that i laid me phone in my jacket pocket, on my way home. I froze. Shit!

“What’s wrong?!”


“I don’t have it..”


“I don’t have my phone! I forgot it in my jacket pocket! How can i be so stupid!?!”

“Realax! You just have to go down and get it.”

“Yeah, just. What if that person sees me!?!”

“Well i think he would figure out you’re here if you don’t stop jelling!”

We both got quit. I was listening for any sound. But there was nothing..

“Can’t you call the police?”

“Oh yeah! Ok 2 sec!”

She froze.

“What is it?”

“My phones down stairs..”

We looked at either.

“Then go down stairs and get it”

“I don’t want to leave you alone..”

“You can’t do anything anyways! Just please get your phone!..”

“Ok, ok. I’ll go get it. But promise me You’ll stay in the room!”

“Yes i promise! Just please hurry!”


I sat there and saw Malissa walk out the room. I was alone know.. There went some time, and Malissa didn’t come back. Then she finally came back, but she was all frustrated.


“You got the phone?”

“No, my stupid mom took it from me, ‘cause i didn’t listen in class! I tried to tell her why i needed it. But she thought it was a lie, to get my phone!! I’m so sorry!”


“What do we do?”

“The only thing we can do.. Wait for someone to come home”

“But it could take en hour or more, before anyone comes home!”

“Well what else do you want me to do?!?”



She was going to say something, but there was nothing she could say. So she didn’t.


“Honeeey! There’s dinner!!”

Malissa’s mom called out.

“I’m really sorry but i have to go.”

“What?! Can’t you just say that you’re not hungry?”

“Well yeah. But she’ll just get mad and make me come down anyways..”

“Ok.. But please hurry..!”

“Off course!”

Melissa didn’t turn off her laptop. She just hurried down.


I sat alone some time. Not hearing a sound from downstairs. It was quit.. To quit…

“Hey Alisaa.. I’m homeeee!”


I heard my brother yell from downstairs. His voice made me so happy!.. But there was something different about his voice.. I couldn't tell what right now, so i went over to my door. Locked it up, and went downstairs. But when i was halfway down the stairs, i couldn't see my brother..


“Chuck.. Are you there..?”

I called out to my brother but there were no response..

“Chuuuck*?… Don’t play games with me.. Please..”

“Awww.. But it’s so fun playing around~..”


I heard my brother's voice. But couldn't figure out where it came from. It was like it came from everywhere..



There was silence.. His voice.. IT was like when he called after me. But clearer.. It had a playful, but yet a creepy’ish tone..


“Chuck?.. Please come out.. You’re scaring me…”

There were all silence a while.

“Don’t you wanna play with your big bro?~..”

“Chuck it’s not funny!”


I yelled out. I was scared.. After what has been going on. Maybe the guy still in the house..

There where silence again… Suddenly I heard  a sharp cling. Like from a knife.. I turned around, and saw my brother stand right behind me with a knife in his hands. He stroke after me, but he missed ‘couss i moved.


“Chuck!? What are you doing!?!”


His face was faced with the ground. He slowly looked op at me. His eyes… They were motion less, with an insane look. I was really scared. But it got worse when i got my eyes on his lips.. They were making a massive grin. It almost reached his eyes. Hes stood there, with that insane look on his face. I was terrified.


“Come on sis~ Come play with your big bro~...”


He slowly walked towards me. I got my senses together and ran up the stairs again, to lock myself in my room.


“You can’t hiiide~..”


I got the door locked, and was standing in the middle of my room. I didn’t know what to do. My thoughts were running wild. Why are he doing this?! What’s wrong with him!? Why are he acting like this??! What is he gonna do with that knife!?!

I couldn't get a hold off myself. Then i realized that it was all quiet outside.. I stood op from the floor. Slowly walking towards the door. I quietly listened to my surroundings. There wasn't a sound coming from the outside.. Until-



There came 3 loud knocks from my door.


“I now you’re in theeeeeee~.. Come out, come out to plaaaaaayy~..”


I quickly backed away from the door. I looked to my laptop to see if Malissa was there. But she wasn't.. What’s going on..? Why is this happening? Why is Chuck doing this!?! Was all i could think about. Chuck kept baning on my door. But i didn’t answer.


“It’s really rude not to answer you big brother!!”


There came a knife through the door. The kitchen knife!! Chuck made a little hole in my door. Just big enough to he could see me.


“We’re gonna have such much fun~!!”

“Why are you doing this?! What’s wrong with you?! And why did you try to attack me with a knife!?!”


The words just got thrown out off my mouth. But i wanted to get answers.. Chuck stopped… There was some silence a little while.. Then he began to laugh. His laugh sounded like amusement, and insane.


“Chuck! Please stop!! Whatever you’re doing just stop!!!”

Chuck just kept laughing.

“We’re gonna have so much fun, when i get you!!”


The knife got smashed in the door. Breaking it little by little.. I sat on the floor terrified, for what was gonna happen.. Chuck have made a hole big enough to put his arm in, and unlock the door. The door slowly opened. Chuck was in the door frame.. The knife was in his hand. Hanging by his side. He walket closer to me. I closed my eyes. I was too scared to look. He got in front of me.. He opended my eyes so i could see his face. He still had that grin on his face. He took the knife op to my face. Cutting my cheek a little.




My brother repeated like he didn’t understand.

“Why are you doing this..?”

He looked at me with amusement.

“Well.. For fun of course!!”

“What are gonna do to me?..”

HE looked at me for a while.

“Well that depends on you”


I didn’t understand what he meant.. He gave me the knife.


“If you don’t kill me. Then a simply have to kill you~”

He said with an amused smile.. I just stared at him.

“I.. I d-don’t understand.. W-why would you want me t-to do that?”


I was so terrified.. I coulden hold my voice steady.. He began to laugh a little. Getting up on his feet holding out another knife.



I just looked at him.

“What will you choose? Will you choose to kill me, and live?.. Or don’t and die?”


He had an evil smile on his face. I didn’t know what to do.. I didn’t want to kill him. But i didn’t want to die either..


“I can’t..”


He looked at me weird.

“I can’t kill you.. You’re my brother..”


He turned around.

“I’m disappointed..”

I was surprised at his words..

“You didn’t even try..”


He looked at me with and unhappy emotion, but still grinning.

“Well. I guess i just have to end you then~”

I got on my feet quick.

“Please don’t! I don’t know why you’re doing this.. Please don’t..I’m begging you...”



He shook his shoulders like it was nothing. I was shocked. I didn’t expect that he actually would, not do it.

“I’ll give you 30 seconds, to run and try to escape.”

He said it like it just was some silly game.

“Starting NOW!!”

I began running the fastest i could. I ran down the stairs, to the front door. But it was locked. It’s a really old lock, so it take some time to lock and unlock. And that was time which i didn’t have. I ran to the kitchen to get a weapon. I took another kitchen knife. I was freaking out. Was this just a silly joke.. Or was it real..?


“10 seconds!”


I almost got into panick. I needed a place to hide! No time to get out the house and run away! I opened a window, to make him think that i had run away. And hid in the closed behind all the jackets.


“Time’s up! I’m coming~!”


I was so scared. What if he found me? Would he then kill me? Would i kill him first? Was he gonna fall for the trap? All kind of questions went through my head. I heard the footsteps on the stairs.


“Hmm.. She actually got away..”

He must have seen the window.

“Well then. Time for Hide and Seek!~”


I heard him jump out the window. I waited a couple off minutes, to make sure he was gone. I finally opened the door, to look out. There was no one. I searched a little, to see if he were there. But he thankfully wasn’t I quickly got to my jacked and took my phone.


“911 what’s your emergency?”

I was so relieved of this woman’s voice.

“Yes i need help! Please!”

“Ok what’s wrong. And where are you right now?”

The voice was soothing, and warm.

“I live on  Willy Street, in house number 32. Please hurry! He’s gonna kill me!”

“Kill you?”

Her voice got a little nervous.

“Who is gonna kill you?”

“My brother..”

“Are you sure he aren’t playing around?”

“Yes i am!”

“Ok, police is on their way. Ok?”

“Yes thank´you!”


I didn’t want to turn off the phone, because what if he came back? Suddenly i felt cold air on my neck. I was to afraid to turn around.


“Tsk, tsk, tsk.. You pulled a dirty trick on me”

I didn’t move a muscle. I don’t think i could.

“Hello? Are you there?”

The lady in the phone asked. Shit! I Should have turned it off!!

“Hmm. What do we have here?”

He took the phone out off my hands and began talking.


“Hello? Who is this?”

“Hey, i’m big brother to my little sister who called you. I am so deeply sorry, that she called. Me and my friend, where just poling a mean prank on her. And she must have thought it was real.”

“Ok. Do not make so mean pranks on people. They could get really hurt.”

“Yes i know. I will assure you, that this will not happen again.”


He turned off the phone, and didn’t say anything in some time. Suddenly he took me be the shoulder’s and turned me around to face him. He had that insane grin on his face. Tears was rolling down my cheeks.


“Oh, don’ cry~ I promise you. It will be over soon~”


With that said i gave me a hug. And wouldn't let go. I couldn't say anything.. There was nothing to say.. I lost. There was no hope left. Chuck whispered something in my ear.


“Well.. It was fun while it lasted.”


I felt a sharp pain slowly getting deeper in my back. Going deeper and deeper.. I just cried.. I didn’t say anything.. My vision got blurry.


“You were fun to play with.”

His grin slowly fade away.

“But now the game’s gonna end”


He pushed the knife the last way in my back. My vision was going dark. My breath getting weaker and weaker.. This was it.. It’s gonna end here…

I still remember the face he made, before i died. It looked disappointed.. And my last words?...


“I still love you…”

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