Unknown Ink

When you're born a name appears on your left wrist in black ink. If you're a girl the script is in cursive, if you're a boy then it's in bold, blocky letters. The name that appears on your wrist is the name of your soulmate. Next to the name is a small image that represents who your soulmate is as a person. What happens when your soulmate is an international superstar from another country?


1. Rewritten?

Okay so if anyone has read my other Movella labeled "Unknown Ink" you must know that it's a Luke story?

Right. That didn't work out so well, so I'm rewriting that book to be a Calum story that I can hopefully love more. 

If you go look at the last "chapter" of the Luke UI then you'll see my little explanation as to why I despise that version.

So because I love this plot and whatnot, I'm going to rewrite that to be a Calum story that'll be much better, and less triggering.

So stay tuned for a little bit longer to see my continuation of this book, and hopefully I will have something posted by at least tomorrow!


Mikey xx

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