Clockwork Curse

A simple Halloween prank, that's all it was. A Halloween prank that would tick, tick, tick like clockwork...


2. Repressed Memory

"If you're too pussy to do it, I get it, stay at home, that's one thing, but tagging along and take the credit for it, you piece of fucking shit-"

"Oh piss off, you pile of crap-"

"Guys just stopFucking stop, this is just taking the goddamn frigging piss, you're getting on our damn nervesBreak it up, fucking hell!"

"Jenson, you asshole, I didn't take credit for anything! I said I'd help, just because the prank went tits up and you want someone to blame-"

"Okay, fine! I admit, it went to bollocks, alright? I want a fucking explanation, why did you tag along, why are you taking the damn credit, why can't we remember why it feels like we're just repeating the hell out of ourselves, huh?"

"Because of what we did. We've done, I can't explain it-we need to try and remember what we've said tonight and what we're gonna be saying until we goddamn accept it, okay, otherwise we're all trapped repeating this every fucking year-we can't get on with our lives until we do, alright?"


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