Nevermore: of Ryn and Reese

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 19 Nov 2016
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Reese has grown up in the world of the aftermath of a devastating war, raised by what used to be the enemy of humans: the Scintulla. Now, though, someone wants to finish off the scarce Scintulla, as revenge for the decimated human race. (endfic comp)


6. Thoughts in the Forest

Reese reached the forest at midday the next day.

There's the chittering in the forest, of normal squirrels, and other creatures, some of them arguing. Reese comes upon these creatures.

"I told you, I didn't steal your acorns!" yells one of the Aesch, it's voice wavering, as they always do. It sounds like a squirrel, if they could talk. And the Aesch are the size of domestic cats, even if they do resemble squirrels. Also have huge ears and paws, and are more of yellow shades than brown.

"You did! You did steal my acorns!" yells the other.

"Can I help you?" asks Reese.

"No!" they yell in unison.

"Maybe I can-" starts Reese.

"We don't need your help, human!" yells one of the Aesch. "And you!" it yells, rounding on the other Aesch, "You stole my acorns! I know it! I had more than you, and now I'm missing half!"

"I did no such thing!" yells the other.

"But to looks like you've had a few too many acorns!" yells the first one.

"You insolent ignoramus!" yells the second. "How dare you call me fat?! Do you know who I am?!" 

"A fat Aesch, that's what," says the first, and then scampers away. The second yells after it, and scurries after.

"Don't mind them," says an Aesch, a few feet away. "They always argue. Have since they were babies."

"They used to be friends?" asks Reese.

"They are brothers, but they do not act like it. Things tear families apart, sometimes. In this case, they were just too different to cooperate." Reese thinks.

"That's awful. Can't they make up? Talk about it?"

"We have tried, but Aesch are very independent creatures as well, it would be of no use."

"But you mentioned family."

"Yes, we are very independent, but also sentient. We do seek out our families sometimes, in times of need, and even if it's only a single member."

"So do they speak with their other family?"

"They have none, only each other, and you see how they act towards each other."

"That's sad."

"It is. The first one, the one that called the other fat, had tried to make things work, but his brother wouldn't have it. Too stubborn to listen. Sometimes things just have to be that way."

"But did he actually steal the acorns?" The Aesch laughs.

"Oh, yeah. He did. Klepto, that one is."

"I don't know what that is, but okay. He stole them. Thanks, for clearing that up."

"Wait! I heard you wanted to help."

"I have nothing better to do. I'm a wanderer."

"If you wish to help, a mile north there are rumors of Scintulla deaths. We are afraid, but you are human, so you may be able to find out what is going on."

"Deaths? How many?"

"We don't know. We fear if we go there to investigate, we will die, as well, but us Scintulla here think dozens. The Scintulla there are in hiding, or have fled."

"Uh, okay. I'll go look."

"Thank you. We will reward you with sustenance when you return. You will."

"Thanks for the vote of confidence," says Reese, smiling. She heads north, towards the deaths of the Scintulla, thinking about independence, family, and Ryn.

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