Nevermore: of Ryn and Reese

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 19 Nov 2016
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Reese has grown up in the world of the aftermath of a devastating war, raised by what used to be the enemy of humans: the Scintulla. Now, though, someone wants to finish off the scarce Scintulla, as revenge for the decimated human race. (endfic comp)


7. The Argument With the Cerva

Ryn wanders the mountains until he comes to a clearing, where many Cerva are grazing. They notice him, and become skittish.

The Cerva are deer-like creatures with deep colors, rich colors, in purple, blue, black, and more, and have black spots on the hindquarters. They all have a single, sharp, fragile horn. Their eyes, like all Scintulla, are colorful. Theirs happen to be obsidian, flecked with red or yellow.

"Can I graze here?" asks Ryn, suspicious of their skittishness. A big, male Cerva comes forward.

"State your name," it says.

"Ryn," says he. The adult Cerva stamp the ground a bit.

"Like Rynos," says the Cerva.

"Yes," says Ryn. "My father. How do you know?" The adult Cerva go wild, stamping the ground and rearing, the fawns frightened and shaking.

"Lord Rynos, and Lady Freyja," says the Cerva.

"Lord and Lady?" asks Ryn.

"Of the council of the homeland. Rumors were they were to have a son, then came the war."

"But I was two when my father died...sixteen years ago."

The Cerva rear again.

"That is when Lady Freyja disappeared from the homeland, and Lord Rynos died in the final battle against the wretched humans."

"Hold on, I'll accept that my parents were a Lord and Lady, but not all humans are wretched."

"Surely they are, child Ryn. They killed your father." 

"And we killed nearly all the humans. We far outnumber them now."

"Not in the old days, though. They killed thousands, if not a million, of us."

"And we killed billions of them."

"Still, today, they would kill us if they had the chance."

"Some would, some would fight with and for us."

"I've never heard of such a human."

"I have. My mother, Freyja, raised a human."

"And where is she now?" scoffs the Cerva. Ryn is silent for a moment.

"We had a falling out. She went east, I assume."

"You see, even if they are good, they will never stand by us."

"She stood by me for sixteen years."

"Then why did she leave?"

" was both our faults."

"More so the human's, I would think, but we not mind that now. If I may as, child Ryn, where is the Lady Freyja?"

"She...she was killed...four years ago." The Cerva huffs knowingly, while the others cry out and stomp the ground.

"How?" Ryn swallows, tears welling up.

"Ambushed by and the human were...hiding. We were afraid. We were cowards."

"You see! Treacherous humans. Heathens."

"Not all of them."

"The one human, she hid."

"As did I."

"No matter. What of other humans? How do they treat you? I am interested in your travels. It is payment for grazing in our field."

"You field...there are no land restrictions in this world...but no matter. Uh, wanderers are fine. They ignore talk decently and then are on their way."

"But what of others, in encampments. We know they exist."

"Groups of them can be dangerous, I've never met a friendly group. A few days back, the human and I ran into a bad group of them. Actually, they were working for someone, Targaten. I've heard of him several times. His men, first, and then some Lepore that wanted to sell me to him."

"The Lepore...always Traitorous. But Targaten, you say. We will kill him! And his men!"

"No," says Ryn. They don't hear him.

"Kill the Lepore! Kill the men of Targaten!" cry the Cerva. "Just for our Lady and Lord!"

"NO!" yells Ryn, his hair flaming white hot, shooting several feet into the air. "NO KILLING! NO MORE! I AM SICK OF IT! IT IS UNNECESSARY! YOU WILL KILL NO ONE OR THING!"

The Cerva stare at him, and the fire dies to an orange flicker.

"Yes, child Ryn," says the lead Cerva grudgingly. "We will obey."

"You do not have to obey, just listen," says Ryn. "Violence does not solve violence, at least not that scale. Take out Targaten, and his more ruthless and merciless men, but not the innocents."

"Yes, sir," says the Cerva.

"Do not call me that. You have seniority. I don't fully believe my parents were who you say they were. Just...don't kill innocents," sas Ryn quietly. 

"But we will kill, will we not?" asks the Cerva. Ryn feels like bashing his head in. It is worse that arguing with Reese.

"No killing, unless it be Targaten. No one else. And it's just a suggestion. I am no leader," says Ryn. "And you know what, I'll be going."

"We may see you again, child Ryn."

"Maybe," says Ryn to them, as he walks away. "But I hope not," he mutters under his breath.

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