Nevermore: of Ryn and Reese

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  • Published: 30 Oct 2016
  • Updated: 19 Nov 2016
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Reese has grown up in the world of the aftermath of a devastating war, raised by what used to be the enemy of humans: the Scintulla. Now, though, someone wants to finish off the scarce Scintulla, as revenge for the decimated human race. (endfic comp)


10. Four Years Ago

"Reese, dear, stop playing around. Claramet is to be used seriously," says Freyja. Reese stops, her smile fading. She heals her hand, with difficulty. She was only twelve years old, after all, and even though she had been learning to wield Claramet for the last six years, she was having difficulty. Freyja only let her practice occasionally, not wishing to hurt the child.

Reese puts her knife away.

"Come here, Reese. You need to practice Vox. Your pronunciations are atrocious," says Freyja. Reese sits in front of Freyja, practicing Vox, the words she uses to wield Claramet, along with the blood. The words activate the magic of the ruins, which are transferred to the blood. It is also the native tongue of the Scintulla.

Ryn is playing with his fire, seeing how high he can make it go.

"Hold on a second, Reese," says Freyja quietly. "Ryn, stop making the fire go so high. You might attract  unwanted visitors."

"No one's around for miles, mom," says Ryn. "It's fine."

"Take it down a notch, Ryn," warns Freyja. Ryn huffs, but does so.

It's several hours later, in the witching hour, when Freyja hears the crunching of leaves.

Her breaths stop, and she gently nudges Ryn. His eyes open sleepily. She jabs him lightly, twice. His eyes, though unfocused, close, and he begins to morph. It's unsuccessful, and he's stuck between Equignis and human. Small sparks flame from what hair he does have, but his eyes are wild and panicked. They wake Reese.

"Ma..." begins Reese. Then she sees Freyja in her human form, and goes quiet. She makes the shushing motion to Ryn, and gets out her knife, willing to use Claramet to set him back to normal.

Freyja vigorously shakes her head no at Reese, and Reese sits back, disappointed.

The footsteps approach, and Ryn moves awkwardly to the back of the cave, his back end being Equignis, the front being a hunched over human, resembling a fetus.

Reese sits in front of him, and hides her knife up her sleeve.

A short form appears out the opening. Their heart beats triple.

A man pokes his head in, his eyes pale silver in the moonlight, his smile cruel.

"Hello, there," he says genially. "My names Popps."

"Ja. Just Ja," lies Freyja. 

"And who's the girl?" asks Popps.

"Rhea," lies Freyja.

"Rhea," breaths Popps. "What a nice name. Pretty name." Reese makes a disgusted face. Ryn is trying to not spark. Too bad he has a temper. 

Popps' eyes snap to the back of the cave.

"What have we here..." growls Popps. He goes into the cave.

"Hey!" yells Freyja. "We didn't invite you in!"

"It's a cave, m'lady: No one owns it," he says. He shoves Reese away violently.

He sees the half morphed from of Ryn. Ryn screams, somewhere between a whiny and a cry.

"What in the blazing fires of damnation is that thing?" yells Popps. He draws his dagger.

"No!" yells Freyja. "Don't hurt him!" 

"You know this abomination?" exclaims Popps.

"He is not an abomination!" yells Reese. Freyja shoots her a look.

"He needs to be put down. Look at...him. It looks like he's suffering. Plus he's damn ugly, I'd be doing him a favor."

"You're mean," comments Reese, readying her knife. Freyja shoots her another look, more pleading this time.

"Things like this are meant to exist. Especially, if I'm correct, is kind destroyed the world!" Popps lunges to Ryn, his dagger poised. Ryn yells.

Three things happen simultaneously. There's Ryn, what's left of his hair coalescing into a white-hot ball of fire around him, while Reese cuts her hand, uttering a spell much to powerful for a novice and child. The spell, which would contain a single being, and fling them far away. And finally, Freyja, running in between Ryn and Reese, shielding them from Popps' dagger.

The fire ball explodes, and Reese's spell goes horribly wrong, containing it within the room, and flings bits of fire around them room. Freyja takes the majority of the blast. Reese was turned towards Freyja, and the blast rebounded off of the shield-like spell, bounding back on to Freyja, charring her alive. Popps just crouched on the floor, hiding his face while his body is peppered with fire. 

Reese is peppered as well, more so, and is left with scars on her arms and legs. 

The entire thing, really, is just a compressed explosion. Lucky for one to survive, let alone three.

After the blast, Reese cries out, her skin boiling up, smoking. She can't see, for the smoke is thick around her, and in her eyes.

"Fools!" yells Popps. He runs into everything, even stepping on the children. He runs out of the cave eventually, screaming, "You have made yourselves enemies of Targaten Worner Popps-Va!"

Reese crawls to Ryn, where he's still stuck in the half morph.

"Mom. Mom," he cries. Reese doesn't notice. She just blindly cuts her hand and mutters the spell to reverse Ryn's morph. After a cry out, he morphs back into a full Equignis. Reese begins to cry, and drops her knife. 

"Mom, please wake up," Ryn cries. 

When the smoke clears in the morning, they see her charred, body, only patches of skin remain uncharred, such as her face, leaving her recognizable.

And so, fourteen-year-old Ryn and twelve-year-old Reese are left alone, the bearers of the scars on their hearts, of fire and magic.

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