Best Foot Forward

My true story of struggling with ballet and finally discovering who I am and what I want to be, starting at the beginning.


3. The Corps


We grew closer and closer to the summer showcase, so more and more pressure was placed upon the four of us. We had our dance memorized, our movements polished, and by a week before we moved into the theatre for tech we felt ready.

K walked into class that day, having us sit in front of her on the floor. She frowned at us before dropping a bombshell that would get her fired.

“I couldn’t get off work, so I won’t be attending the showcase to cheer you on. Run through the dance now.”


After a summer full of fun and family, I returned to the studio for my fourth year, still in the advanced class. We had a new teacher, Sara, who I had never met. I was the only girl in my class NOT to have been moved up to the highest class in ballet at the studio (go figure) so I was the most experienced in my class. We had about eight kids that year, most of them intermediates moving up to advanced I.

Sara was a blessing until spring. She fixed all of the technique K had vanquished, and made me a better dancer. However, Sara got very aggressive near the showcase, but I still enjoyed myself.

Over the next summer, I had reached a crisis. I was not flexible or skinny enough to be a professional dancer. I can’t to this day even do the splits or a heel stretch to this day due to the injuries from my achilles heel when I wasn’t dancing for a long time. I struggled with the fact that most girls who dance professionally are stick-skinny and weight 83 pounds. A large percentage also have diseases like anorexia. I am not the skinniest and i weigh over 100 pounds.

I was surfing YouTube one day when I came across a video from Ultimate Brawl, a Hip Hop competition. It had dancers dressed in cosplay… dancing. I clicked on it, laughing under my breath when I read the name of the dancer’s crew.

The Survey Corps Dance Crew.

I then clicked on the Vibrancy Maxt Out performance when they did a Burlesque set. I slowly became engulfed in the world of Hip Hop. I watched their performances for years, my love for Hip Hop budding into something more.

One day, I search The Survey Corps Dance Crew’s Uptown Funk flashmob, my favorite performance of theirs, and nothing came up. I hastily went to their YouTube page, panicking.


No videos.

I went to Instagram, a sign saying “On Hiatus”. I let out the breath I’d been holding. They had run into copyright issues, and are now called The Corps Dance Crew, but they’re still awesome. I decided that I wanted to pursue what I wanted.

After that last summer showcase, I kissed the ballet world and my en pointe dreams goodbye. I quit ballet and signed up for the advanced Hip Hop class at my studio.

One of the best decisions I ever made.




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