8. working spell

Luna's pov:

As I was walking towards my locker, I saw Mackenzie and Selena.

" what do you guys want ? "

S: we just wanted to apologize

M: yeah, we felt bad.

" for what. Bethany is the one that should apologize. She's the one who was bullying me for the past couple years "

M: yes and we should've stood up for you and we didn't

S: we're really sorry for tha...

Alisha: hey Luna ! What's going on?

"Oh , they were just about to leave"

Alisha: well I just wanted to say that I've found something in the spell book.

" really!? What is it?"

Alisha: it reads:


Capital of Oregon

Find those who spell it

And your enemies will be bygone

" what does it mean?"

A: I still don't know.

S: is that a book of spells

" yeah but the spells don't really work"

M: what do you mean?

A: we need 5 girls to cast a spell and we already tried it but, it still didn't work.

S: well you could still try again, sometimes it only works on certain people.

" well do you guys want to try ?"

M: yeah

S: sure

A: um there might be a problem

" what is it ? "

A: I have way too much homework to finish and I don't think I can make it tonight.

" well, we have a free period before lunch so we could try then "

M: but we don't

S: it's alright, we'll skip math class

A: are you guys sure

M: yeah, we've done it like a thousand times with Bethany

" ok then, we'll see you guys later "

Elena's pov:

We finally finished first period. Alisha told me about everything and we're meeting at the library. I was still surprised that Mackenzie and Selena apologized to Luna. We did the spell and it actually worked, I think. Except we don't know on who it landed on because we didn't have time to say " Bethany ". Selena and Mackenzie said that if we thinked about the person we wanted the spell on, it would go on them.

Mackenzie's pov:

We had to hurry up because we had lunch with Bethany.

B: so, did it work

S: it had to, Abigail was there...

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