7. spell gone wrong

Alisha's pov:

It was late at night and I was waiting for the 2 girls and Elena . Where were they? We had to make the spell and get revenge on Bethany. As I was texting Elena, I heard footsteps. It was coming closer and closer. I turned around and saw Elena.

" you scared me, what took you so long ? "

E: I had to sneak out of the house without waking up my mom

" ah ok "

E: were is Luna

" she's already has the book, we were just waiting for you guys "

Girl 1: well, we're here now .

Girl 2: we brought our necklaces

Girl 1 : so... when are we starting ?

" right now "

In the library...

E: so... you're ready

Girl 1 : yeah, whatever, let's just start with this.

We then tried the spell we did last time...but... it didn't work.

Girl 1: I told you magic didn't exist. Come on, let's go.

Alisha: at least we tried.

Elena: yeah! And if we find out the problem, we could still try again.

Alisha: but we don't have they're names

Luna: yeah and the only thing we know about them is their first letter of their name.

Elena: doesn't mean that we can't find the problem and try again.

Alisha: yeah, I guess you're right.

Luna: I'm going to do my research, so see you guys tomorrow

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