2. revenge spell

A few weeks later

Elena's pov:

Me, Alisha and Luna are actually quite close now. I know I only met her about a few weeks ago but we still have a lot in common. I don't know what is it but... I feel like I've already met her a long time ago. I am now getting ready for school .

Luna's pov:

I was getting ready for school but was thinking about Elena. I feel like I've met her before but i doubt it because I've never met someone with the name Elena.

My mom: Elena, it's almost time for school!

" I'm coming mom "

My mom was here but my dad left for work a long time ago. I call them mom and dad but I'm actually adopted. The only thing I've got is this necklace. I always think it's broken or something but my mom said it's probably a half and the other half is lost . I finally got ready for school and got in my mom's car.

Elena's pov:

I got to school and saw Alisha and Luna.

" hey guys "

Alisha: hey Elena

Luna: Hi Lele !

" Lele !?!"

Luna: omg! I'm so sorry, I use to call someone else like that. It was there nickname.

" really, who was It? "

Luna: I think it was just my imaginary friend

" lol "

Alisha: that's funny!

Luna: well we should probably get to class now.

A and E: yeah

After class...

Elena's pov:

Alisha: so we finished French class, what do we do now

"Well, we do have a free period so we could go to the library"

Luna: sure

We now entered the library. There's nothing really exciting in here but old books. I get it now why there is no one in here. We were looking for interesting books to read but, Luna found something.

Luna: hey girls, I found a grimoire

Alisha: what is that?

" it's a book full of witches spells, silly "

Luna: well, what are we waiting for!

Alisha: let's go

We sat down and quickly opened the book. When we opened it, the first spell was a revenge spell.

Alisha: hey, do you girls want to make a sweet revenge on Bethany.

" guys , I'm not sure about this "

Luna: come on! It's not like it's gonna work or something.

" well then, ok "

For this, we only needed a necklace each. It didn't tell how many people were suppose to do the spell and but we continued. Luckily, we all had necklaces.

" ok then, all we have to do is...woah , Luna...

Luna: what

" we have the exact same necklace except, I think...

Luna: it's the other half.

Alisha: girls, the spell.

Luna: ok

" girls, all of our necklaces are glowing."

Luna: what's happening!!!

When they finally stopped glowing, they were all different. Each one of them had the first letter of their name on it. I didn't really think it was going to work, but i think it will.

The next thing we had to do was to hold hands and say:

"You caused me pain

But thats my fuel

That fuel will be used for revenge

And my revenge is being


And being successful will make you sorry" 3 times

We tried it but it didn't work. We tried the spell again but we failed again. When we gave up, our necklaces turned back to normal.

" and i was right, it didn't work "

Alisha: well , it was worth a shot.

Luna: come on , I think our free period is almost gone...

Did you liked the chapter? If you did, you can favourite the book or if you are confused a little, this is the sequel of "Calling from the grave" so you need to read that before. I hope you get an amazing week. Bye!

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