3. My imaginary friend

Elena's pov:

I have to go to sleep but I can't. I keep thinking about my old friend. Well, I thought she was real, but my mom said that she was only my imaginary friend. She left when I was five. I don't really know if she was really just my imagination. She would always come when a friend of my mom's came. He was actually really nice to me. He was like my 2nd dad. I did had a dad but my mom said he died. My " imaginary " friend and I use to play all the time. I considered her like my sister.

(Flashback )

"Come on Lulu"

L: wait for me

" last one climbing the trees is a chicken "

" I won !!!"

L: that's not fair

" being a chicken doesn't mean that you're not my best friend Lulu"

L: you're my best friend too Lele. She said laughing...

(End of flashback )

Even if she wasn't real...I still miss her.

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