4. 5 girls and a star

Selena's pov:

Hi, my name is Selena. Yes, I'm the one that is always behind Bethany. The other girl is actually my twin sister, Mackenzie. People think that I'm happy and I'm lucky to be friends with Bethany. Don't get me wrong, I love being popular, I love getting a little more attention but, not in that way. I don't really like being popular for being a bully, even if I don't really talk, Bethany does. I really feel bad about Luna. I use to be that shy girl too and I really want to stand up for her and apologize but, I can't . I can't just hurt someone and apologize, it's not really gonna fixe the fact that I didn't help her. My sister feels the same about it too. That's it, I have to apologize to Luna today.

Alisha's pov:

I was in the library, trying to think about how the spell didn't work. I don't really think the spell could have done magic but didn't work.

I went to the witches books but then saw a sign. Of course, how could have I been so stupid. The spell probably only works when there's 5 people. 5 because of the star symbol. As I was thinking, 2 girls came up to me.

Girl 1: do you really believe in magic?

Girl 2: I mean come on! There's no way those spells even work.

" yes I do believe magic exists and I can prove it "

Girl 1: how can you prove it?

" you girls meet me tonight at 6 pm in the library "

Girl 2: but school is closed

Girl 1: it's called breaking in idiot

" well,see you guys later!"

I think I'm a genius right now. I mean, 5 girls to make a spell. That was pretty clever of me. I just need to call the others.

Hey guys, I hope you liked the chapter and if you did, make sure to favourite, like or follow me for more stories. Btw: I probably post late because I live in Canada so I'm really sorry. See you guys next week! BYE!!!!!

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