The Devil With White Hair

"After all this time Sammy...who knew the devil wore heels and had white hair?"


3. 01 | opening


Breath. Just Breathe. Act Natural.

Siren blared loudly in the distance, as she walked at a steady and quick pace. Small sweat droplets forming on her forehead as she quickly shoved her hands deep within the pockets of her long black pea coat. Her heels clicked loudly with each step she took, her heart beating at a fast panicking pace, thinking they would hear. But they couldn't. They wouldn't. Masked within the large New York crowd that flooded the side walks, Blair Foreman was just another body making their way to work or home. But she wasn't.

Almost there. Stay Calm. Don't Look Back.

She sucked in a small breath of relief when she had spotted the opening to the underground subway tunnel, causing her shoulders to untense slightly. Directing her way out of the crowd she began to descend the wide stairway leading towards the filthy underground route of NY. 

Once reaching the bottom she quickly leaned against a large pillar supporting the structure, and began to even out her breathing. She replayed the events that had just occurred in her head over and over again trying to understand how such a thing could happen. It was a normal day. And then it wasn't.

Realizing she had been standing there too long, Blair noticed a suspicious police man eyeing her up near the other set of stairs on the other side. Quickly regaining her posture and smoothing out her wrinkled coat, she turned around and began to ascend the stairs she had just came from, setting way point for a small coffee shop that sat just on the corner. Sitting down for a while and maybe getting some caffeine into her system, may help her figure things out. 

Entering the coffee shop slowly, the small bell that sat itself on top of the entrance, rung out through the store, informing the everyone of her arrival. Heads turned towards the new visitor before directing back down at their book or laptop, just as they always did. Wiping off the small wave of anxiety from the 5 second attention, Blair quickly ordered a plain black coffee before seating herself in the far isolated corner of the shop.

Giving on more analyzing glance around the shop, Blair finally relaxed herself slightly by taking a small sip of her coffee and looking out the window in thought.  

What happened?

That was the question that continued to play itself through Blair's head. What HAD happened? 




"Blair! How nice of you to join me"  Blair's bosses voice rang out through the tiny office making Blair shrink back a little in fear. Unsure as to why her bosses personality suddenly changed from harsh to kind, she slowly inched her way into the small chair across from him.

"You wanted to see me about something?" Her small voice spoke out. A hint of anxiety lacing through it, as she thought of all the possible reasons why her boss would need to see her so urgently. One stood itself out among the rest. FIRED.

"Relax Blair, there's nothing to be afraid of, you're not here to be scolded! In fact, you're here for the opposite! I've been hearing very nice things about you recently, very, very nice and interesting things. One of which is that you are very, very good at getting yourself into some computer system files." His voice shifting to a slightly darker tone while he leaned back into his chair. 

"Um, ya, I guess I'm pretty good with computers" Blair sputtered out not quite sure how to correctly answer him.

"Let's cut to the chase here Blair, there's something I need you to do. But I don't want anybody knowing about it, for personal reasons of course. And it requires your knowledge with computer fire walls." He said while moving his hands in a calming motion. Shifting in her seat Blair's face flooded with confusion.

"You need me?" Blair's voice shook with uncertainty, as she twiddled her fingers.

"Yes.I just need you to find me a certain file, in a certain place. But all I ask is that you do not read this file Blair. I don't want any trouble between the two of us. Cause you and me, we can be great friends. Easy right?" A hostile like feeling came from his words, as Blair watched his face try and hold its nice and calm demeanor. 

"O-Okay" She staggered out, while sitting up straight.

"Great. I need you to get me a file on location information on a these code names." He said calmly and happy while handing Blair two slips of paper.

'S. Winchester' and 'D. Winchester' sat in large writing across the page, along with some websites listed under them.

"I'm so glad you've agreed to help Ms.Foreman. I see great advances for you in this office department in the near future. You're free to go now." He smiled widely while shooting her a wink.

"Thank you Mr. Roman."


----END OF FLASH----


A large shadow casting over Blair caused her to pull herself from her thoughts. In front of her stood a short man in a long trench coat and suit. Fear struck Blair at the mans sudden appearance, but it quickly started to fade out as a warm and calm feeling over took her body.

"Blair Foreman. My name is Castiel and I am an angel of the lord. Do not be afraid." He spoke out calmly and slow.

The two sat in silence for a minute while holding eye contact before Blair had shot up from her seat and sprinted out of the shop in panic. But just as she was about to round the corner she had been knocked in the head by something hard, causing her to black out and fall to the ground.

"Did you really need to hit that hard Bobby?" a deep voice spoke out in an almost scolding tone.

"Oh I'm sorry, your right Dean. I should've just asked her to come with 4 random strangers, one of which just admitted to being an angel of god. Ya Idjit." An older mans voice filled Blair's ears, obvious sarcasm dripping from his words.

"Let's just get her back to the motel" another younger mans voice cut in, causing the rest of the guys to mumble words of agreement.

Blair felt her body being lifted into a moving structure before completely blacking out.












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