My Story

This is my story about being a teenager, and pregnant. It's all true, but it's all fine now.


1. Only chapter

okay, so this is only going to be one chapter long, and it'll be written more like I'm telling the story. So if there's improper grammar or something, that's just how I speak, so don't judge.
​I know my pen name is Anonymous Person, but I think I'll tell you who I am.
​My name is Riley. In my other story, I use the name Elizabeth. That was because then I had wanted to be anonymous, but I've decided to tell you my real name.  I'm sixteen years old, and I've had quite a traumatic life since I was fourteen. This has been reported, so don't worry, and I'm fine and happy now.
​It all started the day before my fourteenth birthday. I was hanging out with my best guy friend. He's almost two years older than me, but we didn't care about that. We had a lot in common, and we loved each other like brother and sister. Or I did. Turns out he wanted more.
​We were just watching a movie in my bedroom. Everything was fine, and we had a great time, like we usually did. Making fun of the characters, pointing out mistakes, cheering on our favorite characters, booing the ones we hated. It was just a normal Friday night. For now.
​About halfway through the move, he who's name shall not be disclosed started scooting closer. Soon I was leaning my head against his shoulder, because I was tired. I thought it was fine, until he started rubbing my leg. It started just with my knee, then started moving up my thigh. Soon he was right at the top of my thighs, and heading towards the inside. I got scared, so I scooted slightly away and pressed my thighs together, making it so he couldn't get to the inside of my thighs. He got up and closed and locked the door. I started to get really scared. The worst part was, there really wasn't a need for the locked door, because nobody was home. I was spending the night alone, so I invited him over. Nobody knew he was there. Even his parents thought he was hanging out with his guy friends.
​He walked over towards me, a greedy look in his eyes. I was really terrified now. My every instinct told me to run, but I was frozen with fear. He sat on the bed, staring at me.
​"Take your clothes off." he said. I shook my head. "Take 'em off, now."
​I still wouldn't do it. He stood up, and took off his belt.
​"Take off your clothes." he said, his voice louder. Terrified, certain that I would be hit with the belt if I didn't, I took my clothes off. Soon I was lying on the bed in nothing but my bra and underwear. He surveyed my body.
​"Take the bra and panties off." he demanded.
​I knew that he would hit me if I didn't, but I refused to take my underwear off. He raised the belt like a whip and hit me once, twice, three times with it. I screamed, terrified. He lunged at me, yanked my bra over my head and ripped my underwear in half. He used the belt to tie my hand together and to the top of the bed, while I was screaming and thrashing. He found two of my belts and tied my legs to opposite sides of the bottom of the bed. I was stuck, lying on the bed with my legs forced wide open. He could see every bit of me. He took my ripped underwear and gagged me with it.
​I was raped, brutally. He hit me several times. He eventually slipped downstairs and came back up with a knife. Every time I struggled against the bindings, he cut me, somewhere. Soon I was covered in cuts and bruises. It was the worst night of my life.
​The next morning, I woke up, still tied to the bed. My parents wouldn't be home until about noon with my sister. I became aware that someone was sitting on top of me. I kept my eyes closed, because I could tell they still had no clothes on. A man's hands, my friends hands, felt every inch of me. He licked me, kissed me, and even forced his penis into my mouth. Eventually, he left, untying me before he went. He turned and looked at me right as he reached the door. I was curled on the bed, still naked.
​"Tell anyone who did this, and you'll regret it." Even he knew that I couldn't hide what had happened. And then he was gone.
​About a month later, a  was getting worried. I'd been vomiting every morning for weeks, and I knew that could mean I was pregnant. So I slipped out of the house one night and bought a pregnancy test. None of my family knew what had happened. I'd somehow managed to hide it.
I returned to my room and took the test. To my dismay, it came back positive. I was fourteen, and I was pregnant.
The next morning, I brought both my parents into my room and told them what had happened. I didn't tell them who, but I told them what he did. They were furious with the "unknown" boy who'd done this to their Riley.
​A week later, my mom took me to a teen pregnancy center I was given another test, which came back positive. They  then gave me a free ultrasound. I could hear the heartbeat. It seemed to have an irregular rhythm. I asked why it's heartbeat was so strange. They told me it was because there were two.
​Throughout the next couple weeks, I told my friends. "Sofia" and "Melany" (See my story, A Life of Pain, a Life of Sorrow.) ditched me. A bully overheard me telling them, and told everyone. They were embarrassed to be seen with me.
​About a week later, someone new came. Her name was Skylar (she gave me permission to give her name, she's right here next to me right now.). She started becoming my friend. The bully told her that I was a freak who was fourteen and pregnant. Skylar told her to back off, and later asked me what happened. I told her, and she just hugged me. After that moment, we were the best friends ever.
​About nine months after that first night, I was in the hospital. I was in labor.
​About twenty minutes after I texted Skylar that I was in labor, she was by my side. She didn't leave the entire fourteen hours I was having contractions, and the actual birth of the twins.
​I finally had two beautiful daughters. I named them Nicole Skylar, after my cousin and my best friend, and Lily Riley, after my other cousin and myself, from Skylar's insistence.
​I never knew I could love something as much as I love Nicole and Lily. They are the center of my world.
​I'm still best friends with Skylar. We almost never do anything without each other. Last summer, I even went on her family vacation to Disneyland, and she came with my family to Universal Studios. We consider ourselves sisters, and love each other as such.
​I never really forgave Sofia and Melany for ditching me when I needed them most. They showed up at the hospital the day after I gave birth and said they were sorry. We haven't spoken since, almost two years. I switched schools, and Skylar switched with me. Nicole and Lily started staying at home with my mom when I returned to school, when they were a year old. They're almost two now, and they're beautiful.
​So that was my story of how I was pregnant at fourteen. I'm now sixteen, and I've moved on from that pain. I've never forgiven the boy for doing that to me. He got arrested, and is still in jail. I know that me and my daughters are safe with Skylar, my parents, and my sister, Alisson.

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