My Poems

This is just a collection of poems that I come up with. Don't judge too harshly, I'm a terrible poet. There will be a short author's note at the beginning of each one to tell what it's about.


2. Two

So, this one is about things that I've heard people talk about. I can't explain what it's about, really, but I hope you like it anyway.


My world has come crashing
Down around me,
As I sleep.
​People have died,
​People have cried,
​And more pain has been caused
​Than what's deserved.
I don't know how to go on,
I don't know what to think.
I can't really understand
Why this is happening
To Me.
​So, as I've already said, I don't know how to explain what this one's about. Sorry about that, but I really needed to get my feelings out of my head.

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