My Poems

This is just a collection of poems that I come up with. Don't judge too harshly, I'm a terrible poet. There will be a short author's note at the beginning of each one to tell what it's about.


1. One

This poem is about suicide thoughts that I was having when I was fourteen, and why. This one will be sad. Don't worry, none of this is going on anymore. :)
I don't see the point in trying.
​Why do I feel this pain?
I can't understand this feeling
Of how I just want it to end.
​I've been betrayed,
And I've been violated.
I never thought that
​This could happen to me.
I don't know what to do,
​Now that he's turned on me.
​He's told all my secrets,
And everyone knows
​All the thoughts that I had.
​The good, and the bad.
​She won't leave me alone,
She keeps on going.
​Everything I do,
She says is wrong.
I can't keep doing this.
It's all prepared.
I'll see you someday.
​So, I had these thoughts after one of my best friends raped me when I was fourteen, stole my diary, made copies, and gave it to everyone in the school. Then someone who was not my best friend, but still a friend, bullied me, and I almost quit. Now these conflicts have been resolved, but the rape caused things that couldn't be undone, which you'll find out about if you read something I'm about to publish, My Story. Don't worry, I'm happy now. I moved, new school, new friends. Everyone knows about the rape, but they're all on my side. It was pretty hard to hide that. This is getting to be a really long authors note, so I'll hopefully see you all tomorrow with another poem.

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