Warm me up

sex slave
A person, especially a woman or girl, who is confined and is raped, sexually abused, or forced to work as a prostitute.

But it's not rape. I keep telling myself that, but i'm not so sure anymore.


1. chapter 1

"Can we go home?" I asked my friend Taylor who was obviously way too drunk to say yes.

"Sam, come on, we've been here for like twenty minuets. Live it up a little would ya" She slurred. I mean, it's been more like an hour and a half, but whatever.

"Ugh, well this club is getting boring, and all the guys are pigs" I wined.

"So, just come out and dance with me than. Have some fun" She pleaded, doing the pulling someone on the dance floor dance. 

"Ugh, fine" I said, giving in "Just let me get a couple of shots in me first" You can bet your ass if I'm going out in front of that many people I'm going to be drunk.

I walked up to the bartender, who was literally ignoring this whole half of the table. I think I waited for about five minuets until I started to get really friggin frustrated, but than I felt someone right over my shoulder. I mean, this club is packed as shit, but I actually felt them breathing. I looked over my shoulder and I'm pretty sure I looked like a fucking retard, because this is the best looking guy I have ever seen in my life, shaggy dirty blond hair, great muscles, gorgeous eyes, what more could a girl ask for.

"Hey" He said, trying to call over the bartender.

"He's literally ignoring this whole half of the bar" I said, trying to sound normal.

"Ugh, I see, well he's gonna shit a brick when he finds out who I am" He said, sounding more irritated than I am.

He must be rich or something, definitely going to be an ass "Oh ya, well who are you?" I asked, trying to mingle a little, taking Taylor's advice from a while ago.

He raised an eyebrow at me, shocked "You don't know me?" He asked in confusion.

"No, I mean you look a little familiar, but I've probably seen you hear before or something" I said. Great, there I go again, talking way too much. 

"Wow, ok" He said, still in shock.

"Well who are you than?" I asked, trying to flirt a little.

"Ashton Irwin, you've seriously never herd of me?" He asked again.

"No, why?" I asked, trying to keep it short this time.

"Cause I've never met anyone who doesn't know who I am. It's kind of nice" He said with a small smile.

"Umm, ok, well it's nice to meet you Ashton" I said with a smile. Great, now I really sound fucking weird.

"Nice to meet you too..." He trailed off his sentence, waiting for me to tell him my name.

"Samantha Boxford" I replied.

"Samantha, well Samantha, I'm going to get us drinks" He said, determined.

"Oh ya, and hows that?" I asked.

"Like this" He said before climbing up on the table to get the bartenders attention.

I laughed a little "Oh my god, get down" I yelled up to him.

"Not till I get us those drinks" He yelled loud enough for the bartender to hear him and not so surprising, he ran right over to him, so he got down.

"I'm so sorry, what did you need?" the guy asked Ashton.

"Well I'm just going to have a beer, but I don't know what she wants" He said and he popped open a beer for him in like two seconds.

"And for you miss?" He asked, looking like he's about to lose his job.

"Umm, well I was going to have a couple shots of Vodquilla" I said that and they both gave me the funniest looks.

"Are you sure?" The bartender asked.

"Ya, I can handle my alcohol, and I don't really want to remember any of tonight" I replied and he poured two shots and I instantly took them "Well, I'll see you later Ashton" I said and walked off to find Taylor. He's just going to have to pay for the shots.

It seemed like I was walking forever, but than out of nowhere I found Ashton "Umm, hey, can you help me find my friend?" I asked, the liquor finally kicking in for sure.

"Are you sure you don't just wanna dance?" He asked all sly.

"Well, if I'm going to dance with you than I'm definitely going to need a few more shots" I said, trying to sound flirty, but I guess when I'm drinking I suck at it.

"Hey, what's that supposed to mean?" He asked with a super cute smile.

"I don't dance, so I don't wanna remember how stupid I look" I replied, walking toward the bar. "Can I get like three more shots?" I asked the guy and he didn't even hesitate, he just wiped them up "Thanks" I said, and took all three right then.

"Drunk enough yet?" I herd Ashton say.

"Hopefully, let's go" I said, grabbed his hand and pulled him out to the dance floor.

I felt my phone vibrate, so I answered it, knowing it was Taylor "Hey, u alright?" 

"Ya, don't worry, and I'll tell you all the juicy details about the guy I just met soon" I replied and my phone blew up, but I kept it in my pocket.


I woke up naked in a huge bed that's definitely not mine. Oh shit, is this Ashton's bed? Probably is, I can't let him see me on a hangover. I quickly tried to grab all my clothes off the floor, except my panties, oh well, I guess I'll just have to sacrifice going commando.

I put everything on as quick as possible, grabbed my phone and wallet off his dresser, and quickly, but quietly walked down the stairs that were just outside the door, attempting to find the exit, but this place is way too damn big. He really must be rich if his house is this big.

I found the hallway to what looks like a kitchen and most likely the living room. I walked a little bit farther down and herd a bunch of voices and panicked. I can't do a bunch of people, especially with this headache from hell. I found the nearest room and peered around the corner a little bit to see if the cost was clear. It was, so I walked in and closed the door as quietly as possible. I looked around and my jaw dropped in amazement...he has his own bar. 

I herd walking from outside the room, so once again I panicked and walked over to the door on the other side of the room and slightly opened the door to find the room was empty, so I went in, shutting the door behind me. I was now in the biggest living room I have ever seen. It's gotta be at least three of my one bedroom studio apartment.

I saw another hallway near me and I'm assuming that's where the exit is, so I bolted there...until I herd an unfamiliar men's voice "Sleeping beauty is up" He yelled to the other room.

A bunch of people walked in the room, along with Ashton, who I have to say is looking sexy as hell. I saw two other guys and three other girls and my nerves definitely shot up. 

"You done good Ash" The black haired guy said.

"Ya, and I hear you can handle just about anything" The tallest one said.

"Umm, I don't know what you mean, but ok" I said, feeling really uncomfortable.

"No need to feel uncomfortable" The guy with the colorful hair said to me, and that definitely didn't help.

"Ya" The girl with pink hair said "Why don't you come in and have lunch with us" She said it with such an inviting smile, and it made me slightly more comfortable.

"Umm, well, I actually have to get going" I said nervously.

"Well we really want to meet you" The girl said again.

"Fine I guess" I replied, giving in.

"So, what do you do for a living?" The girl with bleach blond hair asked me, just as bubbly, if not worse, than the girl with pink hair.

"Well, umm, I guess I can say it's my job, I'm getting payed for it. Anyway, I have my own youtube channel. I've gotten job offers, but I turned them down, they aren't really what I've been looking for" I find it awesome that I get to do what I love and get payed for it, a lot of people can't say that.

"Ooo, what do you do?" The blond girl asked.

"I umm, I play the drums" I said, a little embarrassed. I guess the only reason I turned the offers down is because I've never actually played in front of a lot of people.

"How many subscribers do you have?" The really tall guy asked.

"As of now I have one point four million" I said as confidently as possible.

"Shit, how have we not herd of you than" He responded.

"Do you do all of the editing and stuff by yourself?" Colorful hair guy asked.

"Ya, my friend Ryan taught me how to do it when I was first starting out" I replied. I honestly don't know what I would do without him.

"Cool, now I have a serious question for you" He said, so I just nodded my head.

"You seriously have no idea who we are?" I don't get why everybody is so shocked about that.

"No" I said bluntly.

They all looked shocked and I seriously don't know why. I wish they'd just tell me who they are already.

Out of no where a platinum blond girl -who honestly looked like a total fucking cunt- walked into the room "Are you seriously that oblivious? These four are gods in comparison to you" She said with so much sass I wanted to hit her.

"Ok, well I wish someone could enlighten me already" I replied, trying to hold back the bitch inside.

"They're Five Seconds of Summer, like I said, gods" Bitch face said.

"Ohhh" I said, finally enlightened "I love your song She's Kinda Hot, I actually did a cover of it" I said shyly.

"Really? Lets hear it than" Pink haired girl said.

"Ya, lets see if you did better than Ashton" The black haired guy said and the girls giggled -except bitch face- but Ashton just looked at me and smiled. Damn I love his smile.

They turned on their huge ass tv, went to youtube, and searched my name and the song. I guess naturally Ashton told all the dirty details about last night to everyone, I mean, that's what I do with Taylor, but still, it sets me a little uneasy. I'm actually kind of impressed that he remembered my name.

They clicked on the video and started watching it. It's actually weird to see someone else watch my video.

"Ooo, girl I love your shirt" Pink haired girl said, talking about my AC/DC shirt.

"Thanks" I said with a smile.

They all started watching and the most concern I'm having is about Ashton, mostly because this is his part of the song, and he actually looks really impressed...he's actually smiling.

The video ended and all eyes were on me "You're like, really good" Bleach blond hair girl said with a huge smile.

"Thanks" I replied with a shy smile.

"Ya, you did a really good job" Ashton said, looking like he was staring into my soul.

"Thanks, it was actually a really fun one to play" This is getting way too awkward now for my taste.


Ashton took me aside for reasons unknown "Hey, so uh, do you remember anything from last night?" He asked.

"No, not really, all I remember is taking shots with you at the bar" I replied and he looked a little disappointed.

"Oh, well uh" He sighed a little "This is really hard to explain, but we uh, we kind of made an agreement last night" A what? 

I raised my eyebrows in confusion "What kind of agreement? I mean I obviously know we had sex. I woke up naked for god's sake" 

"Ya, that's obvious, but uh, this may sound weird, and you're definitely going to freak out a little, but it's really not as bad as it sounds" He said.

"You're not making any sense right now" I replied with a small smile.

He took a deep breath before speaking "Ok, well I know you were completely hammered last night, but I only did this with your permission. So uh, you agreed to live here with all of us" I cut him off.

"Now I know I didn't say yes to that" I raised my voice a little.

"But you did. I kind of recorded it just in case this happened, but I'm not done.  You only said yes because I said I'd pay you every week, like a lot, like the other three girls" I'm so damn confused right now.

"You're going to pay me to live you?" I raised my eyebrows again.

"Well, last night after we had sex, you agreed to keep doing that with me" He looked like it almost hurt to say all this.

"Like be your girlfriend?" I asked. Talk about weird. He must have been fucking amazing for me to say yes to that, because I seriously don't remember anything about last night after taking all those shots.

"Umm, not really, more like umm, if I want to have sex then we have sex" He looked a little pained, but after hearing all this I find it bullshit.

"Friends with benefits?" That I could probably deal with.

"Umm, kind of, I guess you could say that, but like if I want to then we do" I can tell he didn't want it to sound bad, but there's no way around it, it' going to sound bad no matter what.

"Even if I don't want to?" It wasn't really a question, I already knew the answer.

"I bet I could make you want to" He said, avoiding the question.

"Is that so, but I need to be blunt right now" I said, trying to sound flirty, but than stern. He nodded his head, knowing what I'm about to say.

"So you plan on raping me" I said with a strait face.

He looked like I had just shot him "Raping really isn't my thing, but I'll say that I'll try my damn hardest to get you in the mood" I guess pushy is better than rape.

"But only you call the shots?" That'll suck, because I like to call the shots.

"Not necessarily, I like being submissive sometimes, but generally I like to call the shots" I could tell he was getting a little more comfortable, but still feels kind of bad.

"So what if I want to have sex? Am I aloud to just grab you, drag you to a room, and pull your pants down?" I guess sometimes I can be good at flirting, but if I can wrap him around my finger at all it might not be so bad here.

"Umm, if I'm not super busy" I can tell that he's getting hot and bothered. Guys just have that look when they horny. Especially if they don't see it coming.

"Ok, but I have another couple of questions" I figure, he's already getting horny, so it won't be so bad to ask him a couple of questions to make him want it more.

"Yes you get to leave, but always with someone" He said, already reading my mind.

"Umm, ok, why can't I leave by myself?" I asked.

"That's not my rule, that's Calum's rule, but everyone has to fallow it. It's just in case you plan on running away" Oh.

"Alrighty then, well umm, my last question for now is umm, am I aloud to go get my stuff from my apartment, for starters...my clothes" I said.

"Ya, I'll go with you if you want, I mean you can ask one of the girls if want too, but you know, I'm more of a heavy lifter" He said, flexing his muscles.

Damn those muscles are fuckin nice "I guess you can come along" I said with the corniest wink ever.

"Ok, well I'll go tell the guys" He said, walking away.

I grabbed his wrist and pressed up against him "So, do you want to refresh me about last night" I said in the sexiest voice I think I've ever used.

His grin is so sexy I can't help but get even hornier looking at it "I thought you'd never ask" Ahhh, he's way to damn sexy! In an instant he threw me over his shoulder, walked out into the hallway, going a way that isn't familiar at all.

I giggled the whole time "Oh my god, put me down" 

He stopped dead in his tracks "Now why would I do that?" He teased.

"Umm, because I feel like I'd be a whole lot funner on the ground" I pleaded.

"Nah, I think you look better up there" He said, slapping my ass -which hella turned me on- "It's a great view" At that he started walking again.

"Creep" I replied, giggling.

A second later we wound up in the room I woke up in and he threw me on the bed. There was no need for words in this heated moment. He ripped his clothes off and then went strait for my shorts, he stopped and looked at me funny "So you never found your underwear?"

"No, so what, isn't that a good thing right now" I said in embarrassment.

"I guess so" Right as he got done saying that he dove right on to my lips. Ugh, now I really wish I did remember last night.

I think we stayed like that for at least a good five minuets, just feeling out what each other likes...or he just doesn't want to make the first move. Well, if he won't then I will. Just then, I turned us over so he's underneath, and started kissing every inch of him till I got to his now throbbing penis. 

I teased a little by kissing around it and doing a little lick to the shaft. I decided to just go to town and not even two minuets later his moaning got uncontrollable "Ok, Ok, I don't want to come yet" He said, lying to himself.

"Are you sure" I said, and went slowly back down.

"Ya, now get up here" He replied, pulling me back up.

He didn't waist any time in sticking it in me and once he did I don't think I've ever moaned so loud, you could probably hear me all the way down the street.

"That reaction isn't getting old at all from you" He said with that sexy grin.

"I did that last night too?" Than this should be good.

"Ya, I mean, it was the whole time" He said and started thrusting, starting off slow and then gradually going faster.

I don't think I've ever moaned this much like ever "Harder" I moaned.

He did as I said, but then stopped "Time to flip over babe" He whispered in my ear seductively.

I did with a smile of anticipation of what's to come next. Not even a second later and he arched my back with my ass in the air and stuck it in again. I moaned even louder this time, losing my breath after about thirty seconds "Oh my god, yes, yes, holy shit" I moaned, just about on repeat. He wasn't going super fast or hard, just the right pace, and I can't believe he managed it, but he made me cum "Ahhh, oh my god, I'm cumming, I'm cumming" I moaned, humping back now.

He pulled out a second later, moaned one last time, and shot all over my ass "I'm sorry, I just couldn't hold it back any longer" I can't believe he just apologized for cumming.

I flipped over and gave him a funny look "You're sorry?"

"Well I didn't want to ruin it for you" He replied and in all honesty I think I just fell in love.

"Oh don't you worry, you did just fine" I encouraged.

"Ok, well we should probably get dressed" He said, bringing me back to reality.

"Ya, well I need a minuet" I said, trying to catch my breath and work up some energy.

"I guess that sounds like a better idea" He replied and laid back down next to me. 

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