Th3 L0st L0v3

Makena and Malaki find true love, they've both liked each other for a while, but something tragic ends up happening to Makena and her younger brother, Kingsley. What will Malaki do for his girlfriend. And his little brother, Haiden, for his best friend? What will happen to Makena? Kingsley? Find out in Th3 L0st L0v3.


1. Info

Info for writing:

Main Character - Malaki Zeke Castle

Girl - Makena Zariah Cadwell

Girl’s Brother - Kingsley Otto Cadwell

Main Character’s Brother - Haiden Elvis Castle


Malaki - 14 (same school as Makena)

Makena - 14 (same school as Malaki)

Kingsley - 11 (same grade as Haiden)

Haiden - 12 (same grade as Kingsley)


Malaki, Makena - Willow Creek High

Kingsley, Haiden - Redwood Middle School


Kingsley, Makena - Willow Creek Road; big three story house, white with red door, four bedroom four bathroom, basement.

Haiden, Malaki - Willow Creek Road; big three story house, blue with white door, four bedroom four bathroom, basement.


Makena - spring mist bedroom; bunk bed, almost amethyst sheets, bordering blue pillow cases (very soft pillows), white trim;

Kingsley - may apple bedroom, bunk bed, bed and then open area for other stuff like clothes or desk, top is a hang out area, ruby red sheets, really rust pillow cases (medium pillows, not soft or hard), black trim

Haiden- mint green bedroom, WWE ring bed, summer sun sheets, green galore posts, cameo coral bottom, only orange pillow cases (medium pillows, not hard or soft)

Malaki - baby blue bedroom, loft bed, brilliant blue sheets and desk chair, white desk, brilliant blue door (leads into closet) and cabinets (storage), handsome hunter pillow cases (soft pillows)


Malaki - gold macbook (newest), gold iPhone 6s, TV

Makena - gold macbook (newest), gold iPhone 6s+, TV

Haiden - macbook air, space grey iPhone 6, TV

Kingsley - macbook air, space grey iPhone 6s, TV


Maliki - long-ish hair, brown sable hair

Makena - long hair, rich wine highlights, deep copper hair

Haiden - medium hair, deep copper hair

Kingsley - Justin Timberlake style hair, chestnut blonde hair

For each chapter, there is a diary entry from Makena about that day.

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