Th3 L0st L0v3

Makena and Malaki find true love, they've both liked each other for a while, but something tragic ends up happening to Makena and her younger brother, Kingsley. What will Malaki do for his girlfriend. And his little brother, Haiden, for his best friend? What will happen to Makena? Kingsley? Find out in Th3 L0st L0v3.


2. Chapter 1 : Malaki

The cold wind blows my face. Walking, cars passing, music blasting. On my way to Makena’s house, going to work on homework. I’m Maliki  Zeke Castle, I’m 14 years old, and in my freshman year of high school. I go to the same school as my crush, Makena, and we live about three minutes away from each other and the school. I continue walking until I reach her house. I walk up the drive, imagining her beautiful, long, copper hair with the beautiful rich wine highlights. I walked up to the door, rang the doorbell, and waited. Eventually the door opened, and Kingsley, Makena’s nine year old brother, appeared in the doorway.

    “Is Kena home?” I asked politely, but truly feeling impatient and nervous. I really liked her, and people have told her I do. She doesn’t believe any of them. I still haven’t told her I like her yet.

    “Yea, she’s in her room. Hungry?” He replied after studying me. I looked at him with a kind of weird look, but then answered him.

    “Not right now, I’ll see if I am later.” I said as he stepped out of the doorway to let me in. I walked in, and started up the stairs when I heard King speak.

    “Do you like me sister?” He asked. I stopped on the stairs, and turned around to him standing, closing the door.

    “Why do you ask?” I replied, about to start sweating, or blushing, or both.

    “I don’t know, but I wanted to know if you were going to ask Kena out.”

    “Well, yes I do like her. But please don’t tell her.” I started, almost sweating. “I might ask her out soon. Maybe I’ll ask her to dinner tonight.” I turned around, and continued walking up the stairs. I reached the top of the stairs to the third floor, and turned down the small hallway where her big room was, all alone. No one else had a room on the third floor. Just Makena’s bedroom, her huge bathroom, and a storage closet. I started down the small, narrow hall to her room, and finally reached her door. I knocked, but she was already at the door. She opened it.

    “H-hey Mal.” She said, all shaky.

    “What’s up?” I replied as she moved out of the door to let me in.

    “Nothing much.” She replied. I walked into her room, and sat on her lower bunk. She was playing some music in the background, but I couldn’t make it out. I set my backpack down, and got out my laptop.

(add homework session, then asking about dinner, going home, getting changed, going on date, hugging, walking home, getting pjs on, and going to bed. Then next chapter.)

Dear Diary,

    Today Malaki asked me to dinner, and I said yes. I’ve always liked him, but never knew he liked me. He told me that Kings annoyed him, well not annoyed, but asked him lots of questions. I wish he wouldn’t do that. Anyway, while I was waiting for Mal to arrive I got ready. Ready meaning doing my makeup, finding a cute outfit, and actually doing my hair. I pictured his amazing brown sable hair blowing in the wind, his music blasting in his ears, cars whooshing by. I was so excited. We did homework, and when he was about to leave he asked me to go to dinner. We went to the little diner on Redwood Street. I wore a black dress, leggings and black flats, he wore a casual suit and nice shoes. We ate dinner, and he walked me home. There we were, standing in front of my house, as he hugged me. That’s it. That’s RIGHT. We were officially dating. I have to go to bed, it’s almost 11 O'Clock, and I have yard work to do tomorrow. I’ll write later.


    Makena Cadwell

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