A Stab in the Dark

A detective. A forensic scientist. A journalist.
Three lives drawn together by a murder.
When evidence lies and the case evolves, who can you trust in a city full of lies?


14. Get in the Goddamn Car


As my fist swung forwards, I couldn’t bring myself to regret my actions as blood began spewing from the journalist’s nose. The bastard: he took Jackie from me. Lifting him hands in surrender, he coward backwards as I raised my fists to strike again. If I were any less of a man, I would have beat the shit out of him where he stood but with every ounce of my willpower I held back.

“Dude, it wasn’t me. I know this looks bad but it wasn’t-” His words faded away as he saw a look of disbelief in my eyes. I had literally caught him leaning over her body with blood dripping from his hands. He was at the scene of a murder and my line of work taught me that there were no such thing as coincidences.


“You killed Jackie.”


“I swear, I-”


“You bastard. YOU KILLED HER.”


He took Jackie.

Jackie was dead.


I let my instincts win. Clenching my fists, I threw myself at him with a yell before pinning him against the tree behind where he stood. Rage tore through my veins as tears ran down my cheeks, mingling with blood before dripping onto the floor. Gesturing for the police men to keep their distance, Max was mine and mine alone to destroy.


Because Jackie was gone.


“You can’t touch me; I’m a civilian! I HAVE RIGHTS!” he yelped but I loomed over him dangerously, willing myself not to lower myself to his standards but wishing to pummel him into the soil. I could see the bulge in his back pocket but I didn’t care as I slowed my breaths in order to calm myself down.


“Your rights are no concern of mine any more you murdering piece of scum! I’m arresting you on behalf of the metropolitan department of police on suspicion of the Murder of Martha Kane and- and Jackie- Jackie Truman.” My voice broke under the strain of pretending that I was alright because I wasn’t and I would likely never be again. Jackie was my only friend, she had helped me live again after losing Katie and now she lay dead on the floor before me. For her and for her legacy, I had to continue and break down when this was all over.


“You have the right to remain silent. Anything you say can and will be used against you in court; you have the right to consult with an attorney but I very much doubt that even they could save you.” I recited off by heart, for once thanking my love of crime thrillers. Yes, arrests were not a part of my job but this was beyond personal and this man had to be stopped. Snatching a pair of handcuffs off of the nearest officer, I snapped them onto his wrists and dragged him in front of me and pushed him towards my car.


“Get in.” I instructed harshly, shoving him towards the open door.


“Are you being serious, mate?”


“Get in the car.”


 “Alright… Alright … Can I get a statement first though? How does it fell to lose your partner in-”




Sinking away, he saw that he was beaten and slipped into the car as I raised my hand to strike. Bolting round to the drives door, I saw Max, leaning over and trying to start the engine, trying to escape. As I opened the door he looked down embarrassedly and fidgeted with the cuffs. I nodded at the police officer to signify that I was in command and instructing them to continue the investigation.


In a childish gesture, I locked the doors, sealing my best friends killer in the car.


“I know you’re mad dude but are you sure I can’t get a statement?” Anger welled up inside of me. “I mean, I know that it’s a bit soon but this would make a great article for the paper and well you see, I kind of want to get a promotion and-“


“You killed two people to get a promotion.” I stated, fantasizing about running over this man.

With my car.

Several times.


“Um, creepy forensics guy… I didn’t kill no-one. I swear!”


“So you admit to it.”


“Um, yeah. I guess… Wait, what?!”


“’I didn’t kill no-one’ is a double negative. You’ve as good as confessed. Now shut the help; I’m calling the police.”


“I thought that you were the police.?”


I had to contact the Superintendent of my department and Jackie had told me to always be prepared. But Jackie was gone now and it was down to me to bring the man responsible to her death to justice.


“My best friend is dead and it’s all your fault so if you don’t shut up I SWEAR TO GOD THAT WHATEVER HAPPENS NEXT WILL NOT BE ON MY HEAD!”


His eyes widened as I pulled out my phone and type in a number that I never thought that I’d need.


“Harry Chesterfield? Yes, it’s Lloyd Jones.”


“The detective guy?”


“Yes the ‘detective guy’. I need you to come to the park. The body; it’s Jackie. She’s dead.”


“Don’t mess me around, kid. I’m busy.” His voice was cold and snarky and the rage was building up inside of me as Max snickered.


“I’m being serious. Why the hell would I lie you little-“


“Shit. You’re being serious, kid?”


“Yes I bloody well am. I have the killer locked in my car. I’ll take him to the station but I need you to- you need to deal with the body- her body.”


“I’ll deal with. Just get him here and we’ll deal with it, Kid.” He could hear the panic and stress in my voice and began to understand what the hell was going on. I didn’t even bother to correct him as he called me ‘kid’. He was only a few years older than me but yet acted as if he were far more experienced which we both knew was not the case.


But what did it matter: Jackie was dead.


“I think he may have killed Martha too.” I added, glaring at Max’s alarmed face and the shaking of his head.


“I’m innocent I tell you. I’m innocent!” He shouted down the phone before a chilling glare shut him down.


“Shut the hell up.”


“I’ll get the other one in. Stay safe kid. We’ll talk back at the station, okay?”


“Thank you, Harry.”


I hung up the phone and twisted my key, roaring the engine to life. Clenching the wheel with terrifying strength, I swerved out of the park at full speed and raced towards the station. Thoughts of bloody murder and violence raced through my mind as I indicated and turned down a road.


“Well this is awkward. Um, can you turn the heating down…”


I abruptly pulled to a halt and turned to my prisoner.


“One more word and I’ll turn it all the way up you little shit.”


The journey was finished in silence. Several times, Max had rattled the door handle, trying to escape but there was no way in hell I was going to let him get away after what he’d done. As I reached the station, I dove into my usual parking space before launching out of the car and moving over to the passenger’s door where Max was knocking on the window. Letting him stumble out of the car, I grabbed his arm and dragged him into the building, flashing my ID card and leading him towards the cells.


“I didn’t do anything. I promise. LET ME GO YOU FREAK!”


Opening the door, I tossed him into a cell and slammed the door behind him, locking it with a very satisfying click before breaking down on the other side of the door. Tears raced down my face as I sunk to the floor and began to sob, heart breaking lost sobs of despair.


Katie was dead.

Martha was dead.

And now, so was Jackie.


How much longer could I go on like this? How much longer could I cope?

She was gone. Oh dear god she was gone. My breaths came out in short bursts as the panic began to take over. Black splashes burst across my vision as I couldn’t breathe or even think as sheer rage and desperation consumed me. I thought of Jackie’s voice telling me what to do.


‘Breathe Lloyd.’



And so I did.


Forcing myself to stand, I began to yell at Max through the thin door that lay between us.


“I’m going to take you down Max. I’m going to destroy your career and you along with it. I swear to you; you will not get away with this.”


And then I walked away, leaving a yelling prisoner in my wake.


‘Oh god,’ I thought, ‘I need a beer’.


This day had fallen to hell and it was only 11am.


‘How much worse could it possibly get?’ I wondered darkly.

Well, I was about to find out.


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