The Forgotten Ones

Soreu got caught up in an accident, caused by a forgotten one. Not only does that result in people around her forgetting about her, but she forgets about herself too. After cluelessly wandering around, she enters the forgotten world. Saved by two people, she decides to help them. But no matter what the forgotten ones do to suppress their pain, their loved ones will never remember them again. Ever.


2. Worlds collision

I opened my eyes. I was sitting in a restroom. Did I fall asleep? When did I fall asleep? Everything came back to me slowly. 

"Damn!" I ran out. Once again, I was hurrying without a reason. I looked at the clock in the hallway. It was pointing at 9:00. Guess I didn't fall asleep after all. It just really felt like it. I reached the room that I was in, and went over to my bed. 

"Hello miss, can I help you?" Said the nurse sitting besides a woman. 

"Uhm, this is my bed..." What did she mean by how she could help me? Maybe she thought that I wasn't feeling very well.

"What are you talking about? This bed is vacant, no one has used it for years now, maybe you've come to the wrong room?" The nurse got up and let me outside. The woman besides the nurse was smiling in the background, almost as if I was a stranger.

"Mom?" She was acting strange.

"What? I think that you've gotten the wrong person, though I wish that I were a mom" she said smiling and half laughing. I backed away from her slowly, and without any other word, ran outside, stumbling a couple of times, and ran on. I ran towards my home. A couple of people that looked familiar crossed me, but no one seemed to recognize me. I ran and ran until I realised that I had no idea where I was. I looked around. Nowhere seemed familiar anymore. I slowed down. Totally out of breath, I began to walk slowly, aimlessly. I felt like crying, but then again, not. I didn't feel like I had a reason to cry. I closed my eyes, wondering if I would get hit by a car if I wasn't careful enough. Nothing happened. After a while, I opened my eyes. I couldn't believe my eyes. Did I just fall asleep? I looked around. I was standing on a flower field again. Wait, again? Black mist suddenly appeared in front of me. It became bigger and bigger. I tried to touch the mist. It looked quite poisonous, but, "Curiosity killed the cat" as they say. As soon as I touched it, it seemed like it began wrapping around my finger. Almost as if I was getting sucked in. It was so attracting for some reason.

"Whoopsie, that's not very good." A stranger grabbed my hand and pulled me out of the mist. I was half inside the mist without realising it! That mist was dangerous! I looked up at the stranger. He had white long hair, and a pretty thin build. I almost began to doubt that he was a male. But his voice said it all. 

"That girl totally just thought that you were a girl, Kon!" A girl, little older than me, walked towards us while laughing. 

"Well, that's kind of understandable." Kon said with a half smiling face. He looked so gentle. 

"Now now, don't be taken in by him, he's a natural charmer" the girl said. She walked over to me and took my hand. What's up with people touching my hand today? 

"Ouch Eilia, that hurt... I have other good points besides that you know" Kon said while swinging out a knife in his pocket. He walked over to the dark mist. Eilia must be the girl then.

"Well, then you take care of that, I'll go and have a talk with this newbie!" Eilia said and waved to Kon. She did some awesome things with her hands, while forming a circle of light. Almost like magic. Slowly, but surely, a large white curtain in a gold frame appeared where the circle of light once were. 

"What's this?" I asked. Eilia, without answering, she pulled me inside the curtain. On reflex, I closed my eyes. Not long after, I could feel the ground beneath me. I opened my eyes. We were standing in... London? In front of a café? 

"Ehm, what are we doing here?" I looked around. It was London alright.

"What a silly question, we are going to a café" Eilia answered with a fluffy smile on her face. We went inside the café, "Sky On Ground". When we got inside, there were no one whom seemed to greet us. Almost as if we were being ignored. 

"Is is ok to just enter like that? Are they ignoring us?" I didn't like the feeling. It was almost as if we were being watched without being watched. 

Eilia walked in silence for a little while, and finally chose a seat in the corner of the café. She sat down and invited me to sit besides her. 


"They don't notice us. We are the forgotten ones."

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