The Forgotten Ones

Soreu got caught up in an accident, caused by a forgotten one. Not only does that result in people around her forgetting about her, but she forgets about herself too. After cluelessly wandering around, she enters the forgotten world. Saved by two people, she decides to help them. But no matter what the forgotten ones do to suppress their pain, their loved ones will never remember them again. Ever.


3. Once you are forgotten

"Huh?" I probably looked like a question mark. Eilia sneaked off a cake from the waiters plate.

“But that shouldn’t explain why they won’t be able to see you, even though they don’t know you?” I lowered my voice.

“That is the logical way of seeing things. You saw it as well, the gate i mean. The black mist that was dragging you into it. It wouldn’t be too hard for you to imagine other supernatural things now. Want some cake?” She offered me a spoon.

“No thanks…  but it would be nice if i could get some answers” I looked around. The waiter didn’t even notice the missing cake.

“What I am saying is, once you are forgotten, it will be as if you have left this world. No one will remember you, gradually, no one will notice you, and at last, no one will be able to see you.” She sliced off a bit of the cake with her spoon, gently.

“Wh-what happens when you are forgotten then?” It was a big mouthful, getting all of this at once.

“Remember what i say now. It will be very important.


Once you are forgotten

You will never come back


Once you’ve understood this, come back for us.” Eilia got up and left.

“Hey wait, what do you mean? Eilia!” I froze. She was gone. Everyone was gone. I was the only one in the cafe. What did this mean? what’s going on? I got up and looked out the window. It was dark. I ran over to the door, and opened it, only to find myself in a misty park. No one. There were no one here. No life at all.

“Hello??” I shouted out. Still no reply, obviously. I reached a bench and sat down. It was slightly humid. No one. I was all alone. I couldn’t remember them, my friends and family. It was almost as if I’ve just had an amnesic attack. My name and age were the only things I could remember.

“My name is Soreu. I’m 16 years old.” I kept repeating that. It was the only thing that I had left.

“My name is Sore*. I’m ** years old. My name is S****. I’m ** ****s old.”

I hesitated. Something was wrong. It sounded wrong.

"Who am I again?" I put my hands on my head. My memories were getting fuzzy, and I started to feel dizzy. I leaned backwards and it was almost as if my thoughts were getting sucked away. 

A person appeared, and another one, soon a bunch of them. They were everywhere, people. I got up without really knowing why.

"Hello!!" I shouted to a passerby. No reply. I ran into the middle of the bunch and began to do a weird dance, hoping at least someone would notice me.

"Hello everyone!" I began to laugh. It was almost funny how none noticed me. Everyone who passed by either looked straight through me, or didn't see me. Maybe I should just force their attention. I mean, I was still able to touch them? So why not just kill some and see their reaction? 

"ehehe, AHAHA!!" I began to laugh out loud, and crouched because of cramps. What would it matter anyways. It was only a single life or two, who would miss them anyways? 

I grabbed a passerby's bag and took a knife. People really carry anything nowadays. The person not noticing anything continued to walk where he was headed. 

"Huh? What am I doing?" I mumbled. I looked at the bag. What did I just do? My eyes were feeling heavy, almost as if I craved sleep. I couldn't think. I could only see pitch black. 

"Coooome heeeere!!" I yelled out while laughing and pointed the knife at random people. 

"Oh?" A little group of giggling girls were headed towards me. I pointed the knife at the one getting most attention, readied to strike when she reached me. I lifted the knife. I laughed, and looked at them as if they were my old playtoys that I was going to burn. 

"Sleeeep tiiight sweeetheeaaart" I said. 

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