The Forgotten Ones

Soreu got caught up in an accident, caused by a forgotten one. Not only does that result in people around her forgetting about her, but she forgets about herself too. After cluelessly wandering around, she enters the forgotten world. Saved by two people, she decides to help them. But no matter what the forgotten ones do to suppress their pain, their loved ones will never remember them again. Ever.


1. Silence talks. Silence kills.

"Hey, wait for me Elijah!!!" I shouted after my brother. We were running through a flower field. 

You're too slow, Soreu! he shouted back while laughing. well, maybe not laughing. I couldn't see his face, I couldn't hear his voice. But I could see and hear everything else. The words just pops up into my head. It's almost as if he was speaking to my mind. 

"That's exactly why you should wait" I said and pouted. 

Come on, Sor** He held his hand out to me.

"Hey, that's not my name" I said and took his hand.

It's not much further, S****.

"Hey, my name is Soreu, you know that!" I said and gave him a little resistant pull.

He let go of me.

Come with me ***** He said and walked away. 

"That's not my name!..." I backed away from him. Something felt off.

C*me *ith *e He began to fade away. His words were getting more and more difficult to understand. 

"Hey?" I shouted out, but no response. He was gone, and the flower field gradually became darker and darker, until only darkness was left. 

A dream? 

How is she?

She is fine, just a little unstable.

Voices? This time I could hear them. Just a little blurry, but I could hear them.

Fine you say? But she has been like that for over a month now! 

I opened my eyes, and saw an unfamiliar roof. 

"Soreu? Soreu? Are you awake?" A clear voice. I wasn't dreaming anymore. 

"Brother?" I reached out my hand, and looked to the right. My mom was sitting there together with a nurse. My mother looked pretty pale. She must have been really worried.

"Mom?" I gave her a concerned look. 

My mother looked me in the eyes. "Soreu, you don't have a brother, what are you talking about? Are you ok?" 

It took me a while to understand her words. She was right, I didn't have a brother, what was i talking about? I tried to remember my dream, but it had already faded away. I looked back up at the roof. I have been near death, so maybe i was seeing things. 

Wait what? I've been near death? Why can't I remember it then?

"Hey mom, what happened?" I stared at my hand. There was a pretty thick scar. She took my hand. 

"You were in a train accident, and almost died. It was a miracle that you even still are alive!" She smiled and held my hand even tighter. Something was wrong. I couldn't remember the train. I can't remember what happened that day. Wait, I can't remember anything at all? I looked at my mom again. This was my mom, right? Wait no, I don't know this woman... How come I can't remember her anymore? All of a sudden, I remembered a boy. Brown hair, green eyes, called Elijah. Brother? But I didn't have a brother, did I? 

"Hey mom, do you know a person called Elijah?" I asked. The woman who claimed to be my mother looked as if she was close to remembering something. 

"Hmmm... I don't think so. Why?" She answered. I couldn't figure it out. What was happening? What happened? Why can't I remember my mom, but I can remember my brother whom I don't even have? 

"No reason, just wondering." I pulled my hand back again. I was scared. Scared of myself. 

"Sorry, I have to go to the toilet" I half hurried out of the bed, and ran out to the hallway. I looked at an unfamiliar familiar clock on the wall. It said 8:58. I didn't know this hallway, but I knew where the restroom was. I reached the women's restrooms and almost pulled of the door, and ran in. Why was I in such a hurry? It almost felt like something terrible would happen if I was too slow. I didn't know what was happening, only that it felt bad. Very bad.

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