One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


10. Your Youtuber sibling

10. Your YouTuber sibling 

Liam- Marcus Butler. You were on the phone with your boyfriend Liam trying to get him to come over to your family house.

"Please Liam". You whine 

"Why do you even want me to come?" Liam asked

"Because my brother is home and this is properly one of the only times you'll get to see him". You say

"What about all the other times we have?" He asks

"Liam you're on tour most of the time and Marcus has Vidcon and Playlist too". You say

"Okay fine I'll be there soon". Liam says finally giving in.

You end the call and waited for Liam to get to the house. You heard a knock at the door. You got up and answered the door.

"Hey babe". Liam said as he kissed your cheek

"Come meet my brother". You say as you grab his hand

You led him to the sofa and wait about 2 minutes for your brother Marcus to finish editing his video.

"Ugh babe when is he done". Liam whines 

"Liam being a Youtuber is hard work too. He's properly about to finish editing". You say

"Wait Youtuber? Which YouTuber is Marcus?" He asks

"Marcus Butler. He's the one we watch every Saturday". You say

"Okay sorry Y/N there was a little problem but everything is all good". Marcus says coming down the stairs

You introduce Marcus and Liam to each other. At the end of the day you,Marcus and Liam ended up making a video together and you were glad Marcus and Liam became really good friends.

Niall- Caspar Lee.

"Caspar you ready?" You ask 

"Yep". Caspar replies 

Today you and your brother Caspar were going home after spending 3 months in South Africa. You drove to the airport ready for a long flight home. Once you arrived you waited until Joe picked you up.

"Hey Caspar I'm going to get some food want any?" You ask

"Yes please". Caspar says

You want to the airport McDonalds. You were waiting in line when two strong arms wrapped around your waist.

"Welcome home babe". A familiar Irish accent says.

"It's good to be home". You say

You turn around and face Niall and peck his lips. After you got your food  you and Niall walked back to where Caspar was sitting.

"Here you are Caspar". You say handing him his food

"Thanks Y/N. Hey Niall". Caspar says

"Hey Casper". Niall says

Joe ended up having to go to a meeting so Niall had to drive you and Casper home.

Zayn- Noodlerella aka Connie Glynn. You sister Connie was coming to stay with you for awhile and you were very nervous. She had never met your boyfriend Zayn. It was only 20 minutes until Connie came over and you were pacing the living room.

"Babe breath okay. I can't promise she'll love me but she'll love you no matter what". Zayn said 

"Your right Zayn I just need to relax". You say

After nervously waiting there was a knock at your door. You got up and answered it.

"Y/N". Connie said engulfing you in a hug

"Hey Connie". You say hugging her back

You show Connie around the house and where everything is. You left to go shopping and when you got back you found Zayn and Connie having a laugh. You smiled knowing that your sister and boyfriend get along together.

Harry- JacksGap aka Jack and Finn Harries. 

"But babe". Harry whined

"Harry you know that I'm staying with my brothers which include a lot of video making". You say

"But". He whines 

"No buts Harry. I asked you if you wanted to come you made you choice". You say

"But your so far away". He whines

"Okay Harry listen after we finish making this video I'll come get you and you can join me and my other YouTube friends for dinner". You explain  

"Okay fine". Harry says

You drive to your's and Harry's and picked him up. You drove to the restaurant. Once you got there Harry spent a lot of with your brothers Jack and Finn. Harry ended up staying with you at Jack and Finn's and you guys ended making a lot of videos together.

Louis- Zoella and ThacherJoe aka Joe and Zoe Sugg. You were the youngest of the Sugg family. You lived with your brother Joe and his room-mate Caspar. Zoe and Joe have been trying you to start a YouTube channel for awhile and your almost about to start. But you wanna ask your boyfriend first.

"Hey Lou what would you say if I were to say I wanted to start a YouTube channel?" You asked him over the phone.

"Go for it babes". He says

You got Joe to help to help set up your channel. After 6 months of setting it up your channel has become very popular.  Today  so your going back to your old house a couple days before Christmas to spend with your family. You were having lots of fun when Louis told you he was coming over. Once he got there let's just say he made trouble with Alfie and Joe.

A.N Hope you liked it. BTW this has no connection to the YouTuber best friend 


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