One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


5. Your YouTuber best friend

5. Your Youtuber best friend

Liam- Jim Chapman. Before you were dating Liam you've been best friends with Jim. After getting together with Liam you decided that your boyfriend needs to meet your best friend. Once Jim and Liam met they were really close. You were really happy that Jim and Liam got along really well and together you were the three musketeers. You also enjoyed double dates with Jim and Tanya .

Niall- iiSuperwomenii. Niall had taken you on tour and you were in Toronto. You texted Lilly that you wanted to meet up. She replied saying to meet her in a cafe near by the hotel.

''Niall I'm going out''. You say

''Okay. Where?'' He asks

''To a cafe near by''. You say

Niall nods. You walk to the cafe to talk to Lilly which seems like forever. You tell her that she should stop by the hotel one day to meet Niall. Lilly agrees. So the next your best friend meet your boyfriend and you all had a laugh.

Zayn- Troye Sivan. Over the years you and Troye have been quite close. You turned into friends to good friends to best friends. You had gotten tickets to see Troye live as well as backstage passes. You took your boyfriend Zayn to come along and you also wanted to introduce Zayn and Troye. After the show you went backstage and introduced Troye to Zayn. They instantly clicked. Sometimes when you and Zayn were about to go out the would ask if Troye was in town and if he wanted to tag along.

Harry- Zoella. You have known the Sugg family all your life. Your parents and their parents were really good friends and every weekend you would visit. You became really good friends. You both then became best friends and Louise joined the posy too. One day Zoe asked you if you would liked to have dinner with her and Alfie. You said yes with in an instant. This was your chance. You've always wanted to introduce Zoe to Harry. So when you arrived at Zoe and Alfie's they were quite shocked to see Harry. However Harry and Zoe be good friends in the end.

Louis- danisnotonfire. You introduced Louis to Dan by forcing Louis to watch his channel. Louis became a fan of Dan and it became a daily thing you would do. You never told Louis that Dan was in fact your best friend so one day you asked Dan if you and Louis could come over to his and Phil's flat. Dan of course said yes. You took Louis to their flat and he got a really big surprise when Dan opened the door. After that you and Louis have always visited Dan as well as Phil and have made a few videos here and there.

A.N These are some of my favourite YouTubers. 

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