One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


9. Your parents dislike him

9. Your parents dislike him

Liam- Your parents didn't like Liam. You didn't know why. Liam tries so hard to get along with your parents be either way they still don't like him so when you went out to dinner with him one night, you were meant to be home by 11 but got there at 11:04. You thought your parents wouldn't mind. 

"Bye babe". Liam whispered 

"Bye Li". You whispered and pecked his cheek.

You slowly and quietly closed the front door and turned around. You got a shock to see your parents standing right behind you.

"Where have you been?" Your mum asks

"I told you out with Liam to dinner". You explain

"Liam. He's a bad influence". Your dad says

"How? Because you told us to be home at 11. We're only 4 minutes late. So how is Liam a bad influence?" You ask

You see your parents look at each other both of them waiting for one of them to talk.

"That's what I thought". You say

You walk up to your room and sleep.

Niall- Today you were looking after Hannah and Max  your younger brother and sister who would happened to be twins. After your parents left Hannah and Max started chanting 


Max and Hannah loved having your boyfriend Niall around.

"Okay let me call him". You say

You called Niall.There was a knock at the door. You opened the door.

"Hey Ni. Sorry they really wanted you to come". You say

"It's fine babe". Niall says

You,Niall,Max and Hannah play games,watch movies and eat sweets. After you put they to bed you and Niall cuddled up on the lounge. Your parents came in the door. You quickly separated from Niall.

"I should go". Niall whispered to you

You nodded. Niall got up and left.

"I honestly don't why your still dating after what we told you". Your mum says

"Well I guess I didn't listen then since I don't know why you could hate him so much". You say

Zayn- You and your boyfriend Zayn were at your house working on your art project together. You had finish early and kept asking Zayn when he'd be finished. You put your pen near his face and then you said


Zayn turned his head and the pen stroke his cheek making a big blue line. You started laughing.

"Ha ha very funny". Zayn sarcastically said

You looked down and felt the cold tip of the pen on your face.

"Zayn". You said

"Now we're even". He said

You and Zayn ended up having a pen war. After you ended cuddled together your head on Zayn's chest. You heard someone clear their throat. You knew who it was. 

"You better go". You whispered to Zayn

Zayn nodded. He left.

"You only said art project not that thing". Your dad snaps

"Um 'that thing' is my boyfriend and your the only one left in this family who doesn't like him you say".

Harry- You were making a cake and Harry was meant to be helping. instead be had his arms wrapped around your waist.

"Harry your meant to be helping". You say

"Nah I like my job right now". He says

You turn around and face him.
"Cheeky". You say

Harry just smirks and attaches his lips with yours. After Harry left you and your mum were arguing.


"HE'S A BAD INFLUENCE!" Your mum shouts 

"How?" You ask

Louis-You and Louis went for a walk in the park when it started raining so you did the sensible thing to do. Play in the rain. When you got home  you and your mum were arguing.

"Your meant to be studying not goofing off all the time!" Your mum yells

"It's called fun so I don't get stressed". You shout

A.N sorry this is so short

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