One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


2. Your best friend in the band

2. Your best friend in the band

Liam- Ever since you met the boys you and Louis have been best friends ever since. Louis will always stand by you through tough times and you, Liam and Louis always gang up on the other boys and always prank them. You and Louis will always be best friends no matter what fight you get into. Even if he does have a small crush on you.

Niall- Ever since you and Niall started dating you and Liam become best friends. Liam always wants to see you happy so when ever you and Niall have a fight you always head over to Liam's flat where he'll try and make you fell better. When ever Liam find out your in hospital he's always one of the first there.

Zayn- From the very start you and Harry have been close. Even though the boys used to say you and Harry would make the perfect couple you've always liked Zayn. Once you told Harry it became his mission to get you and Zayn together. Once that finally happened you've always came to him with all your problems and always have a good laugh at the end of the day.

Harry- Harry easily gets jealous of your close relationship with Niall. Even tough you tell him every time that there's nothing going he still gets jealous even though he knows. You and Niall hang out every week and always have a bawl. Niall introduced you to the boys and you've always had a crush on Harry. You only told Niall even when your other friends pester who your crush was you were never telling. You've always trusted Niall and you always will.

Louis- Ever since you worked at X-Factor you always would talk to Zayn he became like a brother. So when you started dating Louis he specifically told him if he ever hurt you he's going to get it. Zayn's always stood up for you and never wants to see you unhappy.

A.N Hey guys this ones a little better but what you guys think? Truly Milly

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