One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


3. The Little things he loves about you

3. The Little things he loves about you

Liam- Your voice. Your insecure about your voice when you either listen to yourself or sing but Liam love it. He could listen to you talk all day long. Most of your nights go like this.

''Y/N?" Liam asks

"Yes Liam". You say

''I can't sleep". He says

''Well what do you need?" You ask as you put your book down

''Could you please sing to me?'' He asks


''Please''. He says as he give the best puppy dog face.

You sigh. You sing Chang My Mind and he instantly falls asleep. Every morning he tells how good you are and how he could fall asleep to you singing every night. Before he goes on tour he asks you to record a special message on his phone so every day and night he can listen to you.

Niall- Your freckles. Sometimes you and Niall will cuddling and you'll feel Niall's hands stroking your cheek. Sometimes Niall will be connecting the freckles with freckles. He loves how shy you are about them and how he has to hide your make-up bag just so you won't have to hide them.

Zayn- Your eyes. When Zayn first saw you your eyes is what drew him in. When ever you and Zayn are talking he'll most likely get lost in your eyes.

"Zayn. Zayn. ZAYN!" You shout

''Huh. Sorry". He says

You roll your eyes. Zayn always loses contraction when he's focusing on your eyes.

Harry- Your hair. Harry loves stroking your soft hair. No matter your hair up,down,straight,curly,dyed or natural he loves it. When he's sad he loves to place his head in the crook of you neck and let's your hair tickles his cheeks. Harry also loves to play with your hair. When you both are watching a movie he won't be paying attention to the movie he's only playing with your hair.

Louis- Your laugh. Louis loves how your laugh is both adorable and contagious. He loves telling really cringey and funny pick-up lines just so he can hear your laugh. You really hate your laugh and often become really shy about laughing in public but Louis tells you over and over again how it's nothing to be shy about.

A.N I <3 THIS ONE!!!

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