One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


7. DDM he's you step-dad

7. DDM he's your step-dad

Liam Age 14- Liam tries really hard to be the best step-dad he can be. You've always had a dad that gets drunk all the time and hits you when ever you accidentally did something. Today you were doing the dishes and accidentally dropped a glass cup.

"Sugar". You mumbled

"Y/N!" Liam shouted 

He came closer to you. You stepped back waiting for Liam to hit you.

"I'm so sorry". You say

"Y/N it's fine it's just a cup". He says

"Your not going to hit me?" You ask

"Why would no earth would I hit my own daughter". Liam said

"Step-Daughter". You say

"Okay so your not my official daughter but your like a daughter to me". He says

You smile. Liam opens his arms and you step into them giving him a big hug. Even though Liam isn't your real dad he's like a dad to you.

Niall Age 6- Even though you were 6 years old you knew what divorce means. Your really not surprised if your mum has a new boyfriend ever month. Niall has been your step-dad for almost a year and you really like him. He treats you better than your mums old boyfriends.

"Y/N would you like to go to the park?" Niall asks

"Yes please Niall". You say

He sighs. Niall really wants you to call him dad even if he's not your real father.

"C'mon then lets go". He says

Niall takes your hand and you both walk to the park.

Zayn Age 12- When you first met Zayn you were just 5 years old. Your really shy around him and don't really like to open up to him. You had just come from your dad's. You walked in the house and yelled.

"Mum I'm home!"

No answer.

"Mum?" You said questioningly 

"She's out with your aunty". Zayn said

"Okay". You said

You ran upstairs into your bedroom and started crying into your pillow. You got teased at school for both what you were wearing, how you did your hair and how you looked. There was a knock on your bedroom door.

"Y/N are you okay?" Zayn asked

"Yeah I'm fine". You sniffled 

Zayn opened the door, came in and sat down on your bed.

"Y/N what's wrong Love?" Zayn asked

You sat up and wiped your tears away.

"The kids at school tease me on what I wear, how I do my hair and how I look". You say

Zayn pulls you into a hug.

"Well their obviously wrong because their looking in a mirror". Zayn says

You laugh.

"Thanks Zayn and sorry I haven't come to you before I was just to shy". You say

"It's fine next time tell me so I don't have to chase you around". He says

You nod. You felt more confident to open up to Zayn.

Harry 13- Today was the worst days of your life. Your step-dad had to pick you up from school early because you got in a fight with some of the girls at your school. Your head resting on your arm with your arm resting on the car window.

"I can't believe you got into a fight at school. What will your mother say about this". Harry said

"Whatever". You say

"Don't give me attitude young lady your mother will be angry as I am when I tell why your not at school now". He snaps

"She wouldn't care. She tells me that I should stand up for myself". You say

"Not in a fight Y/N!" He yells

"Do you know why I got myself into a fight?" You ask

"I don't care why". He says

"Of course you don't". You mumble 

You started crying. He instantly felt bad.

"Y/N I'm.."

"Don't bother Harry". You say

Louis Age 11- You thought your step-dad Louis didn't care about you.

"So I'm have a hip-hop competition this week". You say breaking the silence at the dinner table.

"Wow a hip-hop competition that's so cool. Mum can we please go?" Your brother asks

"I don't know Y/B/N I'll have to ask Louis". Your mum says

The front door opens. Louis was home from work.

"LOUIS". Y/B/N excitedly says

"Hey buddy". He says

Louis walks straight past you.

"Hey Honey". He says to your mum

"Hey. So Y/B/N was wondering if we could go to Y/N's hip-hop competition this week?" Your mum asks

"Sorry buddy but no". Louis says

A single tear fell from your eye.

"I'm finished dinner". You say

"But you've barely eaten anything". You mum says

"I'm not hungry". You say

You rush to your bedroom with tears streaming down your face. You cry into your pillow.


A.N Let me know if you want me to do a part with Louis' and Harry's



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