One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


15. Butterflies

15. Butterflies

Niall- You were in your bathroom getting ready when there was a knock at your door. You opened the door.

"WOW! You look stunning!" Niall compliments

The butterflies in your stomach increased.

"Thanks you look handsome". You compliment back

Niall  offers his hand and you gladly took it. The butterflies continued coming through out the night having an amazing first date with Niall.

Zayn- You looked down at your wrist. Was this a good idea? you thought. You wondered what Zayn would like when you told him. You hadn't ran this buy him first and he was busy. You knocked on his art room door.

"Come in babe". Zayn answers

You slowly entered the room.

"Hey I need to tell you something". you say

"Okay what is it?" Zayn asks nervously

You held out your wrist to show him

"Babe it looks amazing. Why the butterfly though?" He asks

"Well you know my grandma past away and we I was younger me and her would always go butterfly hunting". You explain

"Aww that's cute. Next time tell me when you want to get another tattoo so I can be there with you". Zayn says

You nod.

Harry- You had come home from work when you saw your daughter Darcy getting her face painted by your husband Harry

"What's going on here?" You asked

"Mummy, daddy turning me into a butterfly" Your daughter says

"Is he now?" You question

"Yes he is. He might even let me do his". She says excitedly

You laugh at how your daughter can get Harry to do anything.

Liam- You walked down the isle, butterflies flying like super jets, around in your stomach. You have always thought this day would come. Now it has. Standing there was your best friend, your prince charming, the love of your life. The man you loved standing right there on the alter. The butterflies multiplied as soon as you stood in front of him at the alter. You were ready to get on the bigger roller-coaster in your life.

Louis- You loved drawing. It was one of your favourite things to do. Lately Louis has been pranking you a lot. You thought of the perfect revenge plan. Louis came home late from the studio and going straight to bed was his plan. Once you knew he was in a deep sleep you started drawing a butterfly on his face. In the morning you made sure not to laugh to hard when he woke up late and was rushing around although the boys did point it out making them laugh. Karama Lou. 

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