One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


12. BSM You have a nightmare

12. BSM You have a nightmare

Liam age 4- You just had a nightmare about a big monster. You started crying, you clutched hold of your teddy bear. Liam heard your cries and sprinted down into your room.

"Boo are you okay? What's wrong? Are you hurt?" Liam asked bombarding with questions

"I...I had a ni...nightmare". You stuttered

"Awww boo come here". Liam said

Liam opened his arms. You walked into his arms.

"Now do you wanna tell Li what happened?" He asked

"A big monster was chasing me". You said   

"Awww boo. How about you can sleep with me tonight yeah?" Liam asked

You nodded. That night you finally had a good night.

Niall age 8- You were on tour with your brother Niall. You were sleeping in your bunk when you had a nightmare. Tears fell from eyes. You got up and walked over to Niall.

"Ni?" You asked

"Yes princess". Niall replied 

"I had a bad dream". You say

"Aww Y/N come here. Let's just cuddle for a bit". Niall said

You cuddled up in Niall's lap and got a good nights sleep.

Zayn age 4-  Zayn told you that you needed to be a big girl and to stop sleeping in his bed. You just had a really bad nightmare. You silently sobbed to yourself. It was getting later and later and that you should've been in bed by now. You got up and walked to Zayn's room. You peered through the door to see him talking to someone on the phone. You quietly waited for him to finish. After he said bye to person on the other end you ran and clutched on his leg.

"Angel what are you doing up?" Zayn asked

"I promise I tried to be a big girl. I just got scared". You say

"Angel you'll always be my big girl okay?" He said picking you up

You nodded.

"How about you sleep with me tonight". Zayn suggested

You nodded being really tired.

Harry age 5- Today had been a bad day. You were in a panicky mood and did not want to leave Harry. Harry had to take you to the studio and you didn't get your afternoon nap. Tonight Harry let you sleep with him so you wouldn't get even more panicky. You had a really scary and nightmare and freaked out. Harry held you really close and calmed you down.

"Shh Y/N it's alright no ones going to get you". Harry cooed

Louis age 2- The boys were over today which meant you got to spend time with them. However they noticed you were't playful like you usually are. You were getting sick. Your tummy hurt and your throat was sore. With that making it hard it sleep you also had a really bad nightmare. You walked into the living room hoping your brother would hold you.

"Lou cuddle?" You ask

"Y/N go back to bed". Louis said not talking his eyes off the T.V

"Plweeze?" You asked again drawing circles on his knee


You knew not to cry when Louis yelled because he only ever yells from work. You walked over to the next person.

"Li cuddle?" You asked

"Bug what are you doing up?" Liam asked picking you up

"I had bad dweem and I sick and Lou yelled at me". You said

"I know I could hear". Liam said eyeing Louis

Liam felt your forehead.

"WOW no wonder you can't sleep your burning". Liam said

You coughed.

"C'mon let's get you some medicine". Liam said

Louis got up from his seat and took you into the bathroom. He sat you on the sink.

"Bug I'm sorry I didn't know you were sick or had a bad dream but I should of". Louis said

Louis fed you the medicine.

"It's okay Lou I forgive you". You yawn

Louis carries you to his room were you two cuddle and watch movies until you fell asleep.

A.N I didn't know what to write 

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