One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


4. BSM The Stuffed Animal he gets you

4. BSM The Stuffed Animal he gets you

Liam- A bear. Before he left on one of his many tours Liam gave you a bear. He gave you the bear so could sleep at night instead of cry and call him late at night since his mum would be up for that. Ever since that day you always took the bear on every holiday so you could sleep. It not only reminded you of your older brother but it reminded you of home sweet home.

Niall- A giraffe. Ever since you went to the zoo for the first time you became quite fascinated with a very tall animal. You always loved giraffes so every time you went to the zoo you'd have to spend a long time looking at the giraffes. For your birthday Niall brought you a stuffed giraffe and that giraffe went everywhere with you. So if you lost it you would start crying and Niall would start panicking. It also is one of the only things that you get sleep with.

Zayn- A panda. In school when you were learning about China you became interested in pandas. As you being researching more about them you became obsessed with pandas. You would constantly tell Zayn random facts about pandas which very annoying very easily. One day Zayn surprised you with a stuffed panda. You would always cuddle up with when you would watch movies together.

Harry- A cat. No surprise you loved cats. You would always go over to your friends house after school and play with her cat. Sometimes on weekends you and Harry would cuddle up on the lounge and watch funny cat videos together. But your favourite cat was Grumpy Cat. You loved the funny memes and could sit for hours and scroll through Grumpy Cat memes. So on Christmas Harry had got you two tickets to Vidcon. There you met Grumpy Cat. He also got you a stuffed Grumpy Cat which you slept with all the time.

Louis- A Pikachu. Ever since you were little Louis forced you to watch Pokemon with him. Because you didn't know who Pikachu was you called Pikachu yellow bunny. Louis laughed every time you said yellow bunny and often asked you around the boys who your favourite Pokemon was. For your birthday Louis got you a plush version of Pikachu which you had to take every where.

A.N This one is kinda weird.         

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