One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


1. BSM How he puts you to bed

1. BSM how he puts you to bed

Liam Age 2- Your usually very tired before you go to sleep which makes it easier for Liam to put you to bed.

"Y/N bedtime boo". Liam says

"Okay Li". You yawn

You make grabby hands at him wanting to be picked up. Liam picks you up while you rest your head on his shoulder. He tucks you in bed and stays with you until you fall asleep.

"Goodnight Y/N sweet dreams". He says

"Night Li". You say before drifting off to sleep.

Niall Age 4- You are always are trouble maker when it's bedtime making it impossible for Niall to put you to bed.

"Y/N bedtime". Niall says

"No". You say

You run as fast as you can and hide in the closet. You stay really quiet so Niall can't hear you.

"Y/N where are you?" Niall asks

You giggle quietly to yourself. Then Niall opens the door.

"There you are". He says

Niall picks you and carries you to your bedroom while you start screaming and crying.

"I don't wanna go to bed". You cry

"Princess I know you hate bedtime but you need to go to sleep". Niall says as he puts you to bed.

You sit up, cross your arms and pout.

"No bed". You say

"Y/N Horan you need to go to sleep". Niall sternly said

"Story". You say

"Story what?" He asks

"Story pweeze?" You ask

"That's better. What story?". He asks

"PRINCESS". You excitedly said

"Okay". Niall says

Niall reads you the princess story you wanted and fell asleep right before the end. Even though you may be trouble Niall loves reading to you to make you fall asleep.

Zayn Age 14- Your usually up in your room doing homework so Zayn comes in and tells you when to go to bed.

"Y/N bedtime". Zayn says

"Okay Zayn. Could you please tuck me in?" You ask

"Course I will. I'll always tuck you in". He says

You smile. You log off your computer and get in bed (your already in your pyjamas). Zayn pulls the covers over and kisses your forehead.

"Night Y/N". He says

"Night Zayn love you". You say

"Love you too". He says

Zayn turns off the lights closes the door and leaves you to sleep. Every night he thinks about all the times when you would sleep with him when you were younger.

Harry Age 5- You easily get scared sleeping alone so you always get Harry to sleep with you.

"Okay Y/N I'm going to my room to sleep. Goodnight". He says

"No Haz". You cry

Harry turns the nightlight on and closes the door. You start crying. After a long while of crying you finally decide to get up from your bed, walk out of your room. You walk into Harry's room. You tap his hand.

"Y/N you are supposed to be asleep". Harry says

"I am scared Haz". You say wiping tears away.

At the end of the end he always gives in and picks you up and places you in his bed were you eventually fall asleep.

Louis Age 3- Like Louis you are energetic so he normally winds you down to make you tired.

"Boo!"You yell

"Argggg". Louis says as he 'dramatically' falls to the ground

You started giggling.

"So you like that's funny we'll I've got a surprise for you". He says

Louis picks you up and starts tickling you.

"L..Lou stop". You laugh

Louis stops tickling. You yawn.

"Aww you sleepy?" Louis asks

You nod. Louis picks up back up and places you down in your room. He kisses your forehead and says

"Night bug".

A.N sorry these ones were short and kinda stuck's but it's my first one. Let me know what to do next. Truly Milly





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