One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


8. BSM His nick-name for you

8. BSM His nickname for you

Liam- Boo. When you were younger your first word was boo. You would say it all the time. One of your all time favourite movie is Monsters Inc. You would call Liam Kitty (Sully) because he reminded you of Liam. Liam then called you boo since your always playing or giggling.

Niall- Princess. You are Niall's Princess. Niall always wants to save when ever something bad happens. He never wants anything bad to happen and he will never let go.

Zayn. Angel/Baby. From the first day you were born Zayn has always said that you had looked like an angel. Your really positive so Zayn tries to protect you and makes sure you don't get shot down. Also your Zayn's baby sister so he's often very protective of his baby sis even if you are 15.

Harry- Kitten. You are a very quiet girl and often become shy around people you don't know until you get to know them. Harry's called you kitten ever since you could remember. He says it's how quiet you are and how you like to cuddle up against him.

Louis- Bug/Monkey. Louis doesn't even know why he calls you bug just he just think it was a good name at the time. It's stuck with you ever since. However you are a cheeky little monkey. You also are very energetic.  

A.N I <3 this one too

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