One Direction Preferences/Imagines

Hey guys here's some imagines, preferences and BSMs ect . Hope you enjoy. Feel free leave requests.


14. Accidental Kiss

14. Accidental Kiss 

Niall- You were waiting at the bus stop for your bus to arrive. You wanted to get out of your house  as soon as possible. Your parents were arguing about your life like what degree you should get what, what kind of guy you should marry basically turning you into your perfect sister. You knew what you wanted to do but your parents didn't agree. You were siting down on the bus stop bench we you heard your name being called.

"Y/N, Y/N". a voice said

You turned around to see your best friend Niall. You stood.

"Niall what are you doing here?" You asked

"I was coming to see you. Why are you leaving?" He asked

"My parents want me to be more like Y/S/N. I going to live with my aunty". You say

"But what am I going to do?" Niall pouted.

"Don't worry Ni I'll still come and see you". You say

Niall smiled. You both went into the hug when your lips accidently touched. You blushed

"S...sorry". You stuttered 

You waved goodbye as you got on the bus.

Zayn- It was no surprise when ever you would complement Zayn he would blush. When ever you talked to him he would concentrate on only you and block out anyone else. Yes everyone knew Zayn had the biggest crush on you however you sometimes failed to notice. However there's just one problem with Zayn having the biggest crush on you. He was dating your sister. Tonight was Harry's birthday and Zayn was starring at you every once in a while. He knew it was wrong although he did love your sister he knows the chemistry between them are gone. But he walked over to you instead . He tapped you shoulder. You turned around.

"Hey Zayn". You say

"Hey Y/N you look lovely tonight". Zayn complemented

"Thanks you look great tonight too". You complemented him

He blushed. He leaned in and  placed a small kiss on you lips.

"I...I'm sorry". Zayn said

He walked away from you. You didn't know why but all you did you sigh. What you didn't know was the he was going to break up with your sister.

Harry-Your parents are very strict. They wouldn't let you have a boyfriend, go out with your friends for over one hour, go to parties or sleepovers and your curfew was 8:30. So you lied a lot to your parents about what you were doing and where you were going stuff like that. Today you told your parents you were going to the library when you were at your friend house. You and your friend Harry were joking around in his room.

"Wait, so you've never been shopping with your girlfriend before?" You ask

"Yep. She's nice and all but she complains too much and takes forever". He whines

You giggle

"Okay what have you never done before". Harry asks

"I have never kissed anyone before". You say

"Really? How come?" Harry asked

"Cause my parents don't want me to have a boyfriend". You explained

Before you knew it Harry pinned you down to his bed and kiss you.

"Um I'm sorry". Harry said

"I gotta go". You quietly say

You leave Harry's room and out his house door blushing like mad.

Liam- You had a major crush on your brothers best friend Liam. You were playing spin the bottle with your best friend Y/B/F/N, your brother Y/B/N and Liam. Liam spun the bottle and it landed on you. You blushed. Liam leaded in. You leaned in and your lips touched. Your lips moved sync until your brother pulled you two apart.

Louis- You and your boyfriend had your ups and downs but no couple is perfect. However your regretting dating him in the first place. Your were at your best friend Louis flat playing Trust or Dare.

"Truth or Dare?" Louis asked you

"Dare". You say confidently

"I dare you to kiss me". Louis says

You took no time and smashed your lips into his. Louis has always had some feeling for you and so have you. After the dare to walked to your flat and broke up with your boyfriend.

A.N Sorry w this was crap and I took so long. School and stuff.   







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