nightmares and daydreams

Emma Cartwright, Calum Hood's stranger cousin, is coming home to Sydney, Australia after living most of her life in England.


1. 1

no no no no no no no no no no

I jolted upright in bed. I wiped my face and felt hot tears running down my cheeks.

It was just a dream, it was just a dream I told myself silently. I fell back into bed and glanced at my alarm clock. 5:59. I shut it off before I could hear the beeping and turned on my purple lamp. I got up and turned the ceiling light on too. I walked over to the bathroom and turned the hot water on. I went to my closet and grabbed some blue jeans and a red flannel. I brought the clothes for the day into the bathroom, stripped down, and hopped into the shower. I showered for fifteen minutes, then dried off. I squeezed into my blue jeans. I hate having to put on clothes after showering. I usually shower at night, but after yet again another nightmare, I need to wash away the bad vibes. I put a black tank on and then the red flannel. I started to blow dry my hair while listening to some music. Somebody To Love by Queen was on. It was one of my favorites. I finished up, went through my hair a few times with the straightener. I put some mascara and eyeliner on. I brushed my teeth, smiled at myself in the mirror, and then scurried out of my room. 

"Good morning love." My mother kissed me on the forehead and handed me breakfast. "How'd you sleep?"

"Not well." I said blankly.

"More nightmares?" I nodded my head. She gave me a look of concern and grabbed her car keys. "Have a good day at school, darling. Make some friends." I smiled at her and nodded. I ate my pancakes in silence, and when the clock said 7:30 I got up and went to the car. The radio was blasting from the last time I was in it. Calum and I had been singing while we were getting boxes from storage. I turned it down and started the drive to my new school. 

I walked into the front doors and found my way to the office. 

"Emma Cartwright?"

"Here's you schedule. Homeroom is 305." The lady smiled at me and handed me my schedule. I took a deep breath and walked into the hallway. Here goes nothing. 

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