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4. The Queen's Dragon

The Queen's Dragon

" This is your emergency broadcast system announcing the commencement of the annual purge sanctioned by the Us government. Weapons of Class 4 and lower have been authorized for use during the purge. All other weapons are restricted. Government officials of ranking 10 have been granted immunity from the purge and shall not be harmed. Commencing at the siren, any and all crime, including murder, will be legal for 12 continuous hours. Police, for and emergency medical services will be unavailable until tomorrow morning at 7am when the Purge concludes. Blessed be the New Founding Fathers for letting us Purge and cleanse our souls, Blessed be America, a nation reborn."

Bloom Reynold 
The TV turns black, as well as everything in the country. I didn't have any weapons but I do have skills in fighting. Since I was five my father had trained me to be a  fighter, he told me I was going to need one day, I didn;t that day would come anytime soon. Running up stairs to my room as I lock all the doors, and windows and they were already blocked with black wood. Hearing the huge siren outside, I knew it had  just begun. Sitting on the edge of the bed silently waiting for the Purge to conclude. 

Jason McCann 
"Alright it that time of year again, our favorite time of year," I smirked as I hear my men whoop and howl. 
"we are here to obliterate, conquer, smother, execute, assassinate without getting into some legal shit, know boys let's have some fun," I said as we make out way out the warehouse, and out into the jungle. The Purge is one day, 24 hours of pure satisfaction of for spilling of blood, it is the relationship between prey and predator, the weakling little animals ceases to exist, but the strong survive and thrive. I am the leader of the King Dragons, the #1 gang in the world. My gang and I have taken over the Purge completely, weakling trying to be strong, but end up dying in the process, it's truly is the amusing thing to watch.
Breaking down the house, watching men and women tremble in fear as I see blood splatter everywhere at the doings of my hands. 
"God, don't you love the smell of blood in the evening," I chuckled to myself while making my way to a two-story house. It looks like someone knows exactly what they're doing, but no madder, they still have the same fate as all the women, men, and children that are decaying in their house right know. Trying to kick down the door, but finding it impossible, wood, I thought silently, so the little cunt, put up some wood, this should be interesting. 
"Boys it looks like we got a little smartass over here," I said, as my boys make their way to the door. Za takes the back of his gun as the busts the wood open. After about good 5 minutes the door was finally busted opened. Walking through the house, as we can see it looks completely deserted, but I know better than that. 
"Come out, come out where every you are," I yelled through the house. 

Third Person 
Bloom heard his voice rang through the house, as the sonic frequency crushed through her ear. She gripped the bed sheet tightly, as she thought about her father's word. 
"Don't let fear or anger consume you, you take that fear and anger, you use it, you mold and you make whatever the hell you want with it," she whispered. He was walking repeatedly through the house, finally coming to a white door. 
"Be careful this person seems a little bit different from the rest," He whispered to them, as counted on his fingers, and kicked down the door. Bloom stood behind the door listening to their word quietly as she waited for the last man's body to stride through the door. Walking through the shadows as she slams the door loudly. 
"Jason what the fuck was that,"Chaz said frantically, as he looked at Jason. Jason didn't know what to say, this has never happened to him before, someone was putting up a fight. 
"Jason the door is locked," Khalil said as they made their way towards the bed. 
"Just keep your eyes and ear open for anything," He said as he walked around the room. She walked silently around them, as she stayed in the dark, where it was hidden and safe, she observed their body language and movement. She has acquired through her information that Jason was the leader. She decided that it was time to make a move she grabbed the one called Chaz and covered his mouth, she gripped his mouth not hard enough to kill him, but hard enough to put him to sleep, his body went limp in her arms, as she dragged him back to where he was originally standing. 
"Where the fuck did Chaz go," Ryan says as he looks around the room and finds Chaz passed out on the ground. 
"Jas...," His mouth was muffled my Bloom's sweater as she put chloroform in his mouth. Dropping his body next to Chaz, and she makes her way through the shadows across the room. 
"what do you want Ryan," Jason said as he saw that both of his best friends pass out on the ground. Looking around the room, as he saw Khalil and Za on the ground with darts, on their neck. 
"Show your face," Jason screamed with anger. He was infuriated as he thought someone actually winning, someone was trying to out skill him. "SHOW YOUR FACE, KNOW." Bloom stepped out the shadows with no weapons or anything, she kicked him in his back as he crashed through the door. 
"You little....," He started but didn't finish as she got on top of him beating the oxygen out of his body. He grabbed her shoulder and pushed her against the stairs. Jason tried to grab the gun, but Bloom was faster seeing what he was reaching for, she kicked the gun and back kick him downstair. She ready, she thought to herself, she was so ready. Jason was anger, but excited. So this little bitch can fight, let's see what she made of, he grinned at her as he charged dead straight at her. She jumped and wrapped her legs around his neck as she swirled herself around and brought him back down the ground. She pushed her left leg to his face, as she kicked out-out the door. Running after him as she repeatable beat him to the afterlife , she was starting to wake the monster that was dwelling in her body. Her body was on fire, her body was burning with desire to watch this man be bleed from his skin. 
"STOP," someone yelled as she looked up and saw more than a hundred guns pointed at her. Jason looked at the girl with a new attraction, she was different, he liked that, he liked that very much. 
"Hold your fire," he said as he stood, up and took the towel from one of his men and wiped the blood from his face. The men not holding their fire, still pointing their guns at her. They didn't like the idea of their leader getting beat down by a mere 5'2 black girl. 
"I SAID HOLD YOUR FUCKING FIRE," Jason screamed as he yelled at his men. "We don't fire at our gang members." He smiled as he looked at Bloom. 
"What the fuck are you talking about Jason she isn't a part of our gang," Michael(Tyga) said as these words dripped with hatred down his mouth, as just the thought of the girl being apart of the gang made him want to throw up. 
"She is know," Jason said as he stared back at Bloom. "Welcome to the Dragon's sweetheart." 

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