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8. The Preacher's Daughter

The Preacher's Daughter 
Justin POV. 

I stared at her as she slowly danced around her room, she knows she not supposed to be doing that. Chuckling to myself, as I looked at my best friend dance to Ciara. Opening my window while grabbing a rock trying to aim for her window. She jumped as she turned around, and saw it was just me. She grinned as she took out her earphones, and opened her window. 

"Gosh for a second I thought you were my dad," she sighed softly as she grinned at me. 

"Nope it's just me, but I can always be a snitch and tell your, dad," I said smirked at her, as she mean mugs me. 

"like he'll let you through the front door, you know he hates you, Justin," she says as she leans against her window. 

"I know, but you dad's a dick, though, I have no clue how you mom does it," I say looking at her. 

"me either," she whispers as her eyes drop. Blue Carter is the proud daughter of Reverend Shawn Carter and Beyonce Carter. She has two big brothers Tremaine Carter and Daniel "Diggy" Carter. Blue is supposed to be known as the pure and untainted child, but Blue found a passion, that she can't seem to let up from and it called dancing, specifically any kind of dancing Blue is quite skillful at but the one that resides as a sin is dirty dancing. She got caught by Reverend Carter dancing Ciara Ride and he made her promise to not dance to for the devil again, and  sadly baby girl said she would. 

"Babygirl, come on, let's go and cheer you up," I smiled as I closed my window and my way out the door. 

Blue Carter POV. 

"Mom I going with Justin somewhere," I said as I came downstairs. 

"Okay sweetie be careful, and you look beautiful today," she says as she comes through the kitchen door. 

"Thank you Mommy, and can you not tell daddy I am hanging out with Justin," I asked shyly as I shuffle my feet. 

"Of course baby," she chuckled as she kissed my check. Heading out the door, as I make my way to Justin Volkswagon. 

"Have you ever thought to ask to get a new car," I asked I buckled my seat belt. 

"I did, didn't work," he said as pulled out his driveway. Leaning my head against the soft stitched material of the car seat, as I watch Justin's face concentrate on the road ahead. 

"Had a rough week," Justin said as side glance me from the driver's seat. 

"Yeah, it getting close to Thanksgiving and you know what that mean," I said as my head began to hurt thinking about. 

"Family," We both said at the same time. 

"God I remember the last time, grandma almost beat the shit out of grandpa wife," I said knowing that it's probably going to be repetition like that this year again. 

"It always the same," I whisper as I look at the painted sky.

"You'll be okay, I know you will be, you can always come through the window and spend a night like you always do, when you upset," he says as he smiles at me. 

"you always know how to make me feel better," I said smiling at him. 

"that's my job as your protector," he says as he puffs out his chest. 

"stop," I giggle softly at him. "so where are you taking me,Mr. Bieber." 

"Well, if you must know, I am taking you to the movies, because I know how much we love the movies," he says as I see the cinema come into view. 

"Gosh you know me so well," I sighed against the window as well pulled into the parking lot. 

Justin POV. 
"That movie was dumb," I said as I groan wasting 5 dollars on pathetic excuse of a movie. 
"shut up you aren't' a true harry potter fan, so of course, you would call the movie dumb you dumb butt," Blue said as she argued back. 

"Harry Potter is stupid," I fired back. 

"your face, is stupid," as she laughed at me. Blue started to express her love for Harry Potter, as she  explained all 7 books to me. The look on her face as her brown eyes sparkles as she laughs at something that she said. She curly hair as it blows in her face every time, but never pulls her hair up. Her lips, as they seem to slow down as the words fell from her mouth. Pulling up my driveway, Blue finally finished her speech. 

"see, if you would have just read the books you would have liked them," she says as she smiled at me. 

"yeah, I know you tell me every single time," I said as I turn to her. I see her looking back at her house with a bitter expression. 

"Hey, you can always come to my house, you know that my family loves you," I said I moved her face to look at me. 

"I know Justin but that is your family, I don't want to intrude," she says as unclicks her seat belt. 

"you can never intrude, baby girl," I said as I kissed her check. "I see you later,"okay." 

"okay," she says as she smiles as at me and kisses my check. 

Blue POV. 

"where were you," My father unpleasant voice rang through my ear. 

"I went to the movies," I whispered as I looked at Diggy, and Tremaine, as they looked at my father if he dared to do anything to me. 

"with who," he demanded. 

"by myself," I said looking at my feet. 

"Look at me when I am talking to you Blue Ivy Carter," he said pulling my face hard to give him eye contact. 

"Shawn that is enough, she just went to the movies," Mom said as she tried to get the attention off of me. 

"Don't interrupt me B,"Father said as he chastised my mother. "you don't think I don't know you were with Justin, Blue I have eye's and ear's everywhere babygirl." H said as walked upstairs. 

"I swear to GOD I hate that man," Diggy said going probably to his room, followed by Tremaine.

"sweetie you hungry," Mom said as she walked back into the kitchen. 

"No, I think I am just going to head to bed," I yawned.  

"okay goodnight darling," she says as she put the leftover in the refrigerator. 

"goodnight," I said softly kissing her check and making my way upstairs. Getting ready for bed, as I saw Justin window wide open with his lights off. Opening my window letting the cold air breeze hit my face, as I jump to the opening in his window, silently walking into his room. Lookin at his bed, as I saw a sleeping body, Justin. Climbing into the bed next to him, as I pull his arm up and putting on my waist, and turning to snuggle up to his chest. 

"Goodnight Jason," I said softly, listening to the wind. 

Goodnight Babygirl," he said as kiss my forehead, drift off into another state of mind.

Author's Note 
PART 2 ------> ThankgGiving Dinner 
PART 3 ------> 8 years Later 

I will eventually go back and correct all my imagines but right know I am kind of just writing. 

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