Justin Bieber Interracial

Justin Bieber Interracial Stories, hope you like them!!!


3. The Moon Goddess's Mate (Sample)

(Not Justin Bieber)

Greek: Nova 
Roman: Phoneix 

Nova (The Moon Goddess) 
Ten Years Ago 

She stared strongly at the boy, as he sat and listen to his father's teachings on him being the next Gamma. She sat quietly in the bushes, blocking off her scent to any of the wolves that might happen to be in the area. She stared closely at him not wanting to miss any detail, and moment, any second that might change in a blink of an eye. His hair that seemed to be soft and well nourished, those insanely ostentatious brown gorgeous eyes that seem like chocolate just swirled right in them.  This has never happened to me before, I don't know what in GODS named had happened, but the smell that the little boy emanates off like fire and marshmallows . He got up from his seat, and he made his way down the hall, following closely out the window, as I watch every step he takes carefully, as he makes it way to his room. He jumps in his bed, and he turns on the TV, watching cartoons, of weird sponge that is talking. It might seem boring just to watch someone watch TV, but I could watch him watch Tv all day. My mind was set at ease knowing that he was safe and that's all that mattered to me. He drifted off to sleep after watching the sponge gets run over by apparently his friend that is a starfish and being at yelling by a squid, a chuckled softy, as I thought what has the human raise come to. I silently opened the window ceil as I stared at the beautiful werewolf before me. I turned off the TV, as I tucked him into his blue cushioned sheets, kissing his forehead. Whispering silently in his ear: 
"Goodnight, my beautiful mate." And disappearing into the dust of the moonlight that brightened through his window. 

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