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6. The Gentlemen and The Homeless

The Gentlemen and the Homeless 
Justin's POV. 
I stared at the girl as she quietly walked away from the table in fear. Her black hair pulled up into a bun but with a little string of thick hair still cascading down her face, looking into her grays eyes as they looked  tired and lonely. 

"OMG talked about repulsive," Bridget said as she stared at the girl. 

"leave her alone Bridget," Jazzy said as she looked at the poor girl. 

"What it's not my fault she is underprivileged," Bridget said rolling her eyes. 

"Leave her alone Bridget," my voice can out blunt,her voice was irritating it was like listening someone scratching their nails against the chalkboard. "Your voice is irritating," I rolled my eyes. 

"here is your water, miss, and here is your water, miss, and your sprite sir," her voice was soft and submissive. Her gray eyes were like gray clouds, with a speck of white clouds or light, her eyes were truly an oracle to uncover.

"I asked for tap," Bridget said 

"I am so sorry ma'am but we don't have tap, we only have water from the valley," she said softly. 

"I don't give a fuck, go to the store, go to someone's house, I want some tap bitch," Bridget sid getting in the frighten girls face. 

"THAT IS ENOUGH BRIDGET," I yelled as I pushed her back in the cushioned  booth as I heard her gasp. "You deal what you get, and stop being a damn bitch, before I make you stop or you can get your skinny ass the hell out this restaurant and go to the store or to somebody else's house and get your damn TAP water yourself ." I snarled as I turned to the girl seen her wiping her tears. 

"I'm sorry were you going take our order," I asked the girl softly, as she turned and looked at me. 

"yes," she quietly, as she asked Jazzy what she wanted. Leaving the table, as I stared at her ass as she walked away. She looked lonely, she has that strong look of loneliness in her eye. 

"Stop pouting Bridget, save that for when you decide to put David's dick in your mouth," Jazzy said as she rolled her eyes. Chuckling softly, as I close my eyes, and for the gray eye beauty to return to the table. She seems very insecure when she hs nothing to be insecure about, she looked at Bridget like she was some type of Queen. When the bitch can't even take care of herself properly.  

Hearing plates move, as I open my eyes to see the gray eyes beauty placing food on the table. 

"thank you," Jazzy said softly at the girl. 
"no problem," the girl said softly, as she smiled warmly at Jazzy. Hearing Bridget scoff, as I turned to glare at her. 

"If you guys need anything else, please don't be afraid to ask, just let Alfredo their know that you need me, Lavender," she said softly. 

"Thank you, Lavender," Jazzy said as she started to stuff her mouth with her burger. Laughing softly at my sister, as Lavender began to walk  to another table. 

"she seems nice, I whispered to myself, as I stared at her talking to another customer. 

"yeah she seems real nice," Jazzy said stuffing more than one fry in her mouth. 

"eww, that's disgusting Jazzy," Bridget whined as she ate her salad. Jazzy rolled her eyes, as she continued stuff fries in her mouth will giving Bridget eye contact. Rolling my eyes at my sister, as she continued to toy with Bridget. 


"Thank you for eating at Antonio's have a nice night," Lavender said as she picked up the receipt. 

"Lavender wait," jazzy said as Lavender turned to Jazzy. 

"Are you busy, Saturday," Jazzy said. 

"Yeah, I work all day on Saturday," She said as she fidgeted softly against my stare. 

"why? weekends are supposed to be your off days," Jazzy said looking closely at her. 

"i. know.. I just...want to put food... on my table," Lavender said as she stutters. "Listen I really have to get back to work." She says as she ran off. 

"Wait," Jazzy said as she planned to chase after the girl. 

"come on Jazzy, people need beauty sleep," Bridget said as she rolled her eyes. 

"yeah yo skinny ass do need it, but that might not even work on your ugly self," Jazzy said as she bumped Bridget's shoulder. Bridget gasped, as I rolled my eyes, how much does this bitch need gasp. 

"there is something off about her," Jazzy said as she looked back at the restaurant.

"yeah, there is," I whispered at I continued to look at the dark street. 

Lavender POV. 

"Lavender, I'm a sorry sweetie," Ron said as I sat in his office. This is the tenth job I lost this month. 

"it's okay I understand," I said softly, as I walked out of the restaurant, and down the street to the shelter. Tears flowing down my face, as I go back to where I started from in the beginning. Homeless, no money, no family, all alone, tired, and hungry. 

"hey sweetie," Darla said as I walked through the door. Looking at her as she saw my face again. 

"omg you got fired," she said as she pulled me into a hug. 

"yeah," I whispered. 

"sweetie, I am so sorry, but I have no space tonight," she said as she pulled away from me. 
"it's alright, I had a feeling," I said as I walked out the door. Heading down to the park, to the same hard, cold, and damp bench. My eyes slowly close as my last tear falls from my eye, for the rest of the night. 

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