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10. Thanksgiving Part 2

Thanksgiving (Part 2)

Background: Jason and Blue aren't really talking at the moment because Jason decided to get a girlfriend, that doesn't like Blue, and that made Blue realize her feeling for Justin, but something is going to happen at the end of this that's going to bring them together and tear them apart. 

Blue Pov. 
"Bro, why in the fuck are we doing this, the same shit happens every year it gets tiring," Diggy said after he sat on the couch next to me. 

"Watch your mouth boy," Father said as he walked down stair in his suit with Mom trailing behind him. Diggy rolled his eyes, as I giggle, softy, Diggy turned to me and started to tickle me. 

"Stop, Diggy that tickles," I said laughing hard as my side began to burn. 

"That's that point baby sis," he says as continues. 

"Okay that's enough, alright the only person who gets tickle anyone in this house is me," Mommy says as she began to tickle Diggy. 

"Mom wait please stop," he laughed. 

"who's a mommy's boy," Mommy said as she smiled at Diggy. 

"Momma," he whined while laughing. 

"when you answer I stop," she giggled as she continued. 

"I am," he whimpered as she stopped and kissed his forehead. 

"Hey mom sorry, I'm late," Tremaine (Trey) said walking through the door. 

"It's okay sweetie where is Ariana isn't she supposed to be here," Momma asked as she made her way towards him. 

"I'm not letting Ariana coming to any more family gathering, it already irritating enough the lack of disrespect they show towards Blue and then bringing Ariana last year, and them making fun of her and Dad finding it fun to bring Stacy to the dinner, I'm not letting her anywhere near here again, Mom, I'm sorry, but I can't see cry," Trey say as he hugged Mom tightly. 

"I understand," she whispered at she hugged her oldest son. Hearing a honking outside as everyone mood diminished very quickly. Dad walked out the door, as he greeted his family and my mom's family as they all started to pour into the living room. 

"It's going to be a long night," Trey said. Let the fun begin. 

Beyonce POV. 

I watch as everyone piled in the dining room, while Blue help me p;ace the food on the table. The look on her, the look on my kid's face, just showed the of look of "I really don't want to be here right know". 

"Tremaine, Daniel, Blue meet me in the kitchen," I said as I sat the ice tea down on the table. Pulling them into the kitchen, as the tears that I have been holding for the last 20 year spilled. 

"I am so sorry," I sobbed as I feel to my knees. "I never wanted this for you, I want you guys to be happy, and just the looks on you face, just tells, that I haven't been doing my job as your mother very well, God just the looks on your faces says that you would rather be anywhere but here right know." 

"mom you did the best you could," Trey says as he picks me and pulls me in his arms. 

"you don't have to worry mom,we are grown, you know you can tell us anything," Daniel said as he laid his hand on my back. I looked at Blue to see tears falling down her eyes. 

"Come here baby girl, I'm sorry," I said as I pulled her into a hug. My boys join in the hug, as we all hug each other close. 

"what's with all the hugging,"an all too familiar voice sound through the room. 

"Robert," I smiled as I saw Shawn half brother. 

"B, God I missed my babies," he said as he pulled all of us into a hug. 

"Uncle Robert, I missed you," Blue said as I looked in her eyes, and saw a sparkled of love and enjoyment. 

"God Babygirl you have grown, you're beautiful just like your mother," he said as he turned to straight to me. His eyes hold love and adornment, the pull between us was something that dangerous and deadly, and something that could us both in an enormous amount of trouble. Hearing a cough behind, me as I see Blue and Daniel whispering softly, to each other while giggling with evil looks in their eye. Trey looking at Robert will make eye signals between us back and forth. 

"Okay, well we better get back because I have a huge family I need to feed." Walking into the dining area, as I see every one seat, my husband at the end of the table, and his family on the left, me at the end and my family on the right. Silently praying to God that this night goes well. 

"Okay, everyone time to say, Grace,"Aunt Betty said as we all grabbed a hand. 

"I'll say it," Benjamin my nephew said. 

"Good Benjamin this will be your pathway to God," Aunt Brenda said admiring her little boy. 

"Dear Lord, we want to thank you for this delicious food, and my hot aunt who made it, she really is beautiful especially when she bends over and give what she been cooking in that oven of hers," Benjamin says as he licks his lips. As everyone turned to and looked at him in shock. 

"what I know half of yall was thinking it anyways I want to thank my Uncle Shawn for allowing us to eat at his house, even though this dude, can't his dick out other women pussy's---

"Alright that enough, let's eat," Shawn said as he glanced at Benjamin. Talking all around the table, as we all dug in. 

"So how have you been," Robert asked as he turned towards me. 

"I'm fine, just been busy with work you know the usually," I said trying to look elsewhere. One thing I hate about Robert is his inability to know when I am lying. 

"you lying to me," he says as he takes my hand other the table. 

"I'm fine I swear," I said as my voice cracked. 

"you aren't B, that hug in the kitchen and the tears and the red eyes that you and Blue face portrayed tells me otherwise, what's going on," Robert says as he looks at. Before I could answer Brenda, had stood up and held her glass and a knife, and here it begins. 

"I would like to make a toast," she said as she pulled her polka dot dress down. 

"Oh lord," Trey mumbled as he put his head down. 

"well talk later," Robert said as he gave me that stern look letting me know he isn't playing with me. 

"I would like to make a toast to family,  becuase family is the most important thing that you can every be born into, family is a strong bond that can never be broken, thank you," she says as she sat down, and here it comes. 

"and since we're on the subject matter of family, how is school going Blue, have you been passing," she asked as she took a sip of her Moscato barefoot. 

"it's been fine, and I have been doing well," Blue whispered as she picked her mac and cheese. 

"really, that good, because I heard from a little birdy that you have been getting in trouble lately particularly detention," Aunt Brenda said as she gave my daughter a hard stare. Shawn's face went up quick and fast he looked at my daughter with disgust and shame. 

"what do you mean you got detention, how come I'm just hearing about this know," he said as his voice got resonant. 

"Daddy, I can explain," her voice getting smaller each second. 

"It was my fault, I woke up late, and I forgot to wake her up and she arrived at school late, she got detention because of me," I stood up and looked at him. 

"It better not happen again or there will be consequences," he said as he sat down, and continued to eat. Sitting down, as I felt and hand grab mine from the table, looking over at Robert and seen him in a conversation with Trey and Diggy. 

"so Blue, I heard had a little rebel friend named Justin, is the single," Nancy my niece as she smirked at Blue. 

"no, not anymore," Blue whispered at her shoulder tense. 

"shame, I mean I bet you were having lots of fun together, you always do sneak in his bedroom at night," she said as grinned at my daughter. Blue eyes looked terrified as she looked at Nancy and then at her father. 

"You did WHAT WITH THAT BOY," he yelled, as he stood and grabbed Blue hair and dragged her out the door. 

"Shawn let go of her," I said running out the door, into the cold night without a jacket. 

"get off me Beyonce, I am tired of this little slut disobeying me, you need a lesson," he said as he pulled her hair. 

"Shawn lets go of Blue right know," Robert said as he stood next to me. Shawn looked at both of us as he chuckled softly. 

"Robert brother dear, you don't think I know when a man is a love with my wife and kids, but I do," he said as he slung my daughter around. 

"Jason," Blue screamed as Shawn punched her in the face. 

"Let go of her," Trey said as he tried to grab Blue, Shawn punched him the face and elbowed Diggy in the gut.

"so called family they don't even fuck listen," Shawn sneered as he pushed Blue on the grown. Going towards her, as Shawn pushed me to the ground. 

"BLUE, BLUE," everyone looking to the right, as we seen Jason run up the driveway to see about 30 members of the Carter and Knowles family outside. His eyes diverted to Blue, and he saw to the formation of a black eye forming on her face he looked at Shawn with the utmost anger. 

"you bastard, that's your daughter," he said as looked at Jay. Shawn spits on the ground as he grabbed Blue hair. 

"No daddy please, I'm sorry," Blue whimpered as I see an all too well- known black car pull up. Bodyguards all coming out, as I knew exactly what was going to happen, they were taking my baby way from me. 

"No Shawn please, I swear please don't take Blue away from me, please don't take my baby," I said as a body grabbed me and pulled my back. 

"too late for that," he said as he grabbed Blue and pulled her into the car. As she began to beat against the window, until someone came up behind and punch her in the face, knocking her out. 

"BLUE," Trey and Diggy screamed and struggled against the body grounds. 

"No, Blue, baby I'm sorry, please don't take her away from me," Jason cried as the bodyguard grabbed his body, and pulled him towards his house. 

"NOOO BLUE PLEASE," Jason said as pulled out the bodyguard's body, and ran towards to black car but was stopped halfway by more bodyguards. 

"Shawn stops this what is the going to prove," Robert yelled as he tried to punch his brother, but was being blocked by another bodyguard. "all your doing is hurting your family." 

"Like when you fucking her hurt me when you slept with my wife," Shawn screamed at Robert. I was shocked, he found out. 

"Don't look so appalled B," he chuckled. "Taker her away." The body ground realising us as the black car drove away. My body falling to the ground while looking at the black car down the street, as I turned to my ex-husband. 

"I want a divorce," I whispered. 

"What," he looked shocked at me. 

"you fucking heard me I want a fucking divorce, you bastard, you take away my happiness, your family takes away my kids happiness, my daughter is gone,I am leaving her dirty ass, for good," I said as I walked back into the house, and began packing. Hearing the door, open behind. 

"You aren't changing my mind, I am leaving I can't so this anymore to myself," I whispered as tear slide down my face. 

"hey," turning around. I saw Robert and Daniel and Trey. 

"you guys are coming with me, we are going to go live in Miami," Robert said as he helped me pack. 

"I go grab my stuff," Daniel said as he walked out the room. 

"I'll  head home and grab me and Ariana clothes, and guys can meet us there," Trey said as he walked out the door. 

"you don't have to do this Robert," I said looking at him. 

"I will do anything for you and those kids," he said as he kissed my cheek. "Come on let's get out of here." Leaving the bedroom, as Robert grabbed my stuff. Seeing that my family was still here, I walked passed them not caring anymore. 

"where are you going," Brenda said stopping in the middle of my way. "You aren't leaving my brother." 

"Move out the way bitch we ain't got all day, and your wasting out time," Daniel said staring at her.

"listen here you are going to stay whether you like it or not, your just upset because my brother knows how to discipline your daughter when you can't it's not his fault she an slu----. I punched her in the face and stepped over her, and walked out the door. Looking at Jason as he stared at the street, where the black car once was. Putting our suitcases in the car, as I walked over to him. Bending down and tapping his shoulder, as he turned and looked at me with glossy eyes. Pulling him into a hug, as I felt tears penetrate my shirt. 

"I am going to find her," he whispered. "I won't stop until she is back home where she belongs. He told me as he looked into my eyes. Nodding my head, as I kissed his forehead, as walked to the car, looking back at him, as he waves softly, as headed to his to his house, while I headed to a new beginning. 

Justin's POV. 

I lose the love of my life, and I am not stopping until I get her back. 
Part 2 -----> Thanksgiving 
Part 3 -----> 8 years Later 

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