Justin Bieber Interracial

Justin Bieber Interracial Stories, hope you like them!!!


13. Sugar Daddy

Sugar Daddy

Ruby stared and looked at the heart necklace through the window. It was beautiful she thought to herself, she wanted it badly. The silver chain, and the thin sparkle silver heart, that's looks really shiny. She wanted it more than anything. She looked at her father, across the room, as he was picking a gift for her mother. Justin wasn't in the mood, for any type of business, especially since his fiance is making him go to couples therapy.

"It's good to see you, Dennis," Justin said impatiently.

"Good to see you too, have you met my daughter, Ruby," Dennis said looking at Justin.

"No I haven't had the pleasure to meet her," Justin said getting agitated by the minute.

"Ruby darling come here," Dennis said looking for his daughter. A girl with softly curled black hair and, stood before Justin in the height of 5'4. She was in jeans short, and sports bra type shirt, with a black jacket with roses on the back.

"Ruby say hi to Justin," Dennis said pushing his daughter.

"Hi," her voice was tiny, but the smile on her face caught Justin in a web of emotions. This girl is beautiful Justin thought.

"Justin can you watch her, I need to go to the restroom," Dennis said.

"yeah, I'll watch her," Justin said staring at Ruby as she played with her fingers. Once Dennis was out of site Ruby ran straight back to the necklace as she looked at with admiration.

"do you want it," a voice rang through her spine as she turned and looked to see her dad's friend. Ruby nodded, as turned and looked at the necklace again. Justin called the man, over and pointed to the necklace, nd told him he wanted one. Ruby was too busy admiring the necklace to understand that Justin was buying it for her. Feeling a cold feeling touch her chest as she looked down and saw the heart on her chest. Looking behind as she saw her dad's friend, smiling softly at her.

"you didn't have to that," she whispered. Ruby felt bad, she didn't want him to buy for her, but at the same time, she was glad he did.

"baby girl, with me you don't have worry about anything I buy what every your heart's desire," Justin said kissing her cheek. Ruby stared at the gorgeous man, as they looked into each other eyes.

"Thank you, Justin, for watching my daughter," Dennis said as he put his arm around Ruby.

"yes it was a pleasure," Justin said staring at Ruby, as Ruby admired the man before. "I must be off, I have business to an attend to."

"well it was nice seeing you," Dennis said. "Ruby say goodbye."

"Goodbye," Ruby muttered as avoided eye contact.

"Goodbye, Ruby I hope to see you soon," he smirked as he stared at the beautiful girl. Bending down and hugging her, Justin said: "call me whenever you need me." Slipping the piece of paper in her jacket. Walking out to his car, Justin turned around and looked at the jewelry shop and saw Ruby playing with her necklace with a smile on her face.

Authors Notes: Sorry I haven't update in awhile I have been busy with school. I have been working on 8 years later but it hasn't been coming out they way I want it to come out. Do not worry, I will still publish it, but I will be publishing other imagines while I work on that one. Thanks

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