Justin Bieber Interracial

Justin Bieber Interracial Stories, hope you like them!!!


12. Hot Intelligence

Hot Intelligence 

Justin Bieber POV. 

"So Justin are you playing in the game on Friday," Cindy said as you continued to rape my arm with her breasts. I wasn't complaining the girl was hot, but god damn can a man have some personal space. 

"Yeah, I'm playing," I rolling my eyes. Of course, I'm playing I am on the football team. 

"Oh cool, I am going to be cheering you on," she giggled while kissing my check with her red lipstick. 

"Back off my boyfriend slut," Leslie said as she yanked Cindy of my arm. 

"Takes on to know one," Cindy said as she got in my girlfriend's face. Oh lord here it comes, Cindy and Leslie used to be best friends, but they split apart when Leslie started dating me because  Cindy wanted to date me as well. 

"okay ladies, please it is 7:00 in the morning, please lets us go to class," I said walking past them and heading to art.
"Mr. Bieber I'm glad you here on time today," Ms. Carter smiling at me. 

"Yeah, me too," I smiled as I made my way to my seat. Looking to my right as I see the schools hot nerd, or as I like to call her hot genius, Eve Brown. Eve is Cindy twin sister, and let me tell you they look nothing alike. Their dad coached the football team and the basketball team. He single with 3 girls, I have no clue how he does it. Eve is someone who is too smart for her own good, she doesn't gloat about it, but when the teacher realizes that no one knows the answer to the question, they go to Eve. Eve has black rooted hair and dark black eyes, her glasses make her honesty look sexier than any girls with glasses here. 

"Alright lets began class," Ms. Carter said as the bell rang. "so we will beginning a new project this year, and it will be based on last cycles art project, yes I know will still have presented those but we will get to it. This is the last cycle I want this painting to be extraordinary, and I want expressive quality, I want perspective, I want it to be different, okay so the list of names are on the back of who with who, and if anything goes wrong with your partner please, tell so we won't have any throwing up incidents again." I made my way to the back with friends behind. 

"Damn I wonder who I'm going to get," Trey said as he smacked his lips looking at Eve's ass. 

"I hope I get Eve," Tyga said looking with Trey at Eve's ass. 

"Yall, know damn well, Coach ain't going to let you touch his daughter that his pride and joy right there beside Royalty and maybe Cindy," I said looking for my name. 

"Nigga who cares she is fine as hell, I eat that any day," Za said licking his lips. Rolling my eyes as I found my name on the list, Bieber - Jackson. Shit! Damn! I paired up with Chasity, and that usually doesn't end well, because that's my girlfriends best friends and the last time we got partnered together we ended doing more than just art. 

"Damn," I murmured, if Leslie were to every find out about this she would have my ass. 

"what you talking about the damn nigga, Jackson fine as hell, she just ain't got booty, but she shall get titties, though," Tyga said laughing. 

"Fuck yes, alright," Daniel said. He used to date Brianna until she left his ass for me, and he always has the grudge against me know. 

"I got Eve," Daniel said looking at Eve. 

"Lucky nigga," Trey grumbled while mean mugging Daniel. As well make out way back to the seat, I see Daniel trying to talk to Eve but she looks she wasn't giving him the time of day, she looked too engrossed in her book to care. 

"Eve dear, please pay attention to Daniel you don have a project that is due you need to work together and I don't mean Eve just d the work, Daniel," Ms. Carter said. Eve closed her page, as she turned at looked at Daniel with her eyes. 

"Damn, she is so fucking hot," Ryan said looking at her. Nodding slightly, as I listened to the conversation between Evie and Daniel. 

"Listen so we can work at my house," Daniel said smirking at Eve. 

"okay," she said as the bell rang and she grabbed her stuff and left. Daniel grinned as he turned and looked and seen me staring. 

"Eve is mine know, boys," he smirked as he walked out the door. 

"Coach is going to kill him," Chaz said laughing. 

"Yeah, he is," I said, walking out the door. Walking out the door, as I made my way to Pre-Cal to only get stopped by the most amazing and annoying Chasity. 

"so were partners," she smirks as she licks her dry lips. 

"yes, and this time can you please work, okay, I need to this grade," I said 

"we will work, and also have some fun at the same time," she said kissing my cheek and walking off.  Making my way to Ad. Science as I see Eve headed towards the door, rushing to open it for her, but end up tripping.  Hearing laughing behind, I and I began to pick up my books, and paper. Looking to see another tan hand reach out and grab my books and paper. 

"you need some help," a smooth voice flowed through my ear as I looked up and saw Eve. 

"yeah, thank you," I said completely shocked, and so was everyone else in the hallway. She helped me up as I put away the last paper. 

"Thank You," I say staring at her black eyes. She looked at me and nodded her head, and gave me a small smile, and went into the room. Making my way to my seat next to August. 

"Lucky nigga," he said smirking at me.  

"okay class, so basically it just classwork day, you can work with the people next to you, oh and Eve your father called for you," Ms. Ciara said. Turning to look at Eve as she grabbed her stuff and took the pass from the teacher. 

"dude, it like she doesn't fucking care about anyone in this school," Chaz looking at the door Eve just walked through. 

"she doesn't have any friends, but it's because girls are usually jealous of her," Trey said turning to the paper upside. 

"likes that's going to help you any Trey, Eve is just a girl who is quiet and rather stays to herself, it's getting quite annoying how so many guys I fuck with wanting her," Brianna a good friend of ours walked up.

"well looked who decided to show," August said looking at her. "who was the boy this week?" 

"Daniel," she grinned as she saw all our shocked faces. 

"really that nigga, I bet his dick small," Trey said side glancing her. Brianna rolling her eyes. 

"so have you been this week," Brianna said looking at me. Before I could answer, Eve walked through the door, while a blank look on her face, taking her seat and began working on the assignment. 

"you realize you're wasting your time she is not going to give you the time of day," Brianna said rolling her eye. 

"I know, but I just can't help but watch," smiling at Eve. 

Author's Note 
okay, so 8 years later is coming up next, I just wanted to give you guys something, at least. 

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