Justin Bieber Interracial

Justin Bieber Interracial Stories, hope you like them!!!


2. His Girls

His Girls 
He looked at them as they walked through the courtyard of the school. Standing side by side, not paying attention, the hungry stares of men that follow them. 
Jordan is known to be the sweet and caring one, she will help with anything that you're having trouble on. She can cook, clean, and do the laundry. Her curly blonde hair looks like a lion's mane. She has light green eyes, that seem sparkle every time she laughs or cries. 
Alexia is the tough one, know to be the one that doesn’t hold her tongue for anybody, she is always by Jordan, never leaves her side. She doesn’t like anyone dating Jordan, my friend Daniel(Diggy) asked Jordan out, and Alexia made sure she put a stop that quickly. 
Everyone thinks there just close like a sister, but I know it more there is to that. Sometimes Jordan would whisper something to her, and she silently kisses while no one is watching. Or sometimes they would just be staring at each other while smiling, not caring if anyone watching at all. 
“Baby, you aren't paying attention to me,” Crystal whined as she sat on my lap. Rolling my eyes, as I stand up and knocking her ass off to the ground. 
“I thought I told you were finished,” I said grabbing my backpack and getting ready to walk away. 
“Baby we are never finished,” she says as she grabs a hold of my arm. Yanking it away, as I make my way to class, 
“You should about that before you fucked my best friend,” I said heading to physics.  

“ can we sit here,” Jordan asked softly as her Alexia stood right in front of me. I was so shocked, and so was everyone else, they don't talk to anyone except for who was every in there click. 
“Um sure go ahead,” I said staring at them to make sure this was real. 
“Alright bicelles lets get this class period over with,” Mr. Fart said walking into the room.
“Today is experiment day, so everyone knows what that means,” he said he exhaustedly waves his hands around. 
“Since you idiot forgot that means that you work with your table, god why did I choose to teach, as a lifetime job, so basically I don't trust you will machines, and electronics and controls and for gods sakes even noodles, so just going to draw me a picture of on of the laws of newton. Shouldn't be too hard right hopefully not,” Mr. Fart says as he sits in his chair and falls asleep. 
As everyone got to work, Jordan was whispering something into Alexia’s ear. It seems really important because Alexia looked seemed to turn tense. 
"Justin we need to speak with you after class if that is alright with you,"Alexia said firmly as she stared deep into my eyes. 
"Good, because we are;t going to take no for an answer," Alexia smirked as she turned to Jordan. 
"I'm sorry about her Justin she isn't the type to take no for answer," Jordan said softly. 
"but you would know that how" Alexia says as she turns to Jordan 
"I just do, is that a problem," Jordan unknowingly deep. Alexia coughs softly, as she diverts her eyes elsewhere. Jordan turns to me and smiles softly as she continues to draw. 
After the bell rang, I stayed a little bit behind waiting from Alexia and Jordan to pick up their stuff. 
"Listen, you have nothing to be scared about okay, we aren't going to hurt you," Jordan says as she looks at me.
"Come on we will talk at our car," Alexia says as they both grab each of my hands. The tension was thick between them or me, I don't know exactly which one to say, but I knew it was there. They take the back gate, probably trying not get any attention, from the whole school about them dragging a boy to their car. Reaching their car, as I see that it's a Cherry Maserati. Beautiful car, must I add they must keep clean a lot. Suddenly I being dragged into the back seat of the car while being pushed against the soft leathered tan seats. 
"what the fun...," I began but instantly got cut off by a pair f soft lips. The life pushing forcibly into my mouth, as I moan against the contact. 
"I'm sorry," Alexia said softly, as she face was a little red probably from the heat and the moment and the heat the car was emanating. 
"Justin, we want to ask you something," Jordan as she silently got down on the hump in the middle of the car and took off my belt. 
"what," I said looking at the wanting eyes. They looked at each other, debating who was going to say it. 
"How would like for us to be your girls," Alexia asked as she started to unbutton my shirt. 
"what...," I started 
"Don't ask let us show what we mean," Jordan said softly, as she pulled down my underwear and pant. I moaned against the contact of an air and the feeling of Alexia's butt against my dick. 
"God's it's beautiful isn't it," Jordan said softly as she stared at my dick. "So beautiful." She kissed with her soft and full lips, my breathing sucking my breath as I feel the heat pouring on  my chest as I feel Alexia kiss my chest. 
"Sometimes, I just would just watch and your girlfriend kisses each other, it truly was painful to watch, just the way your lips molded together, burned my heart with fire, but then she cheated on you with your best friend, you're probably wondering who sent you those pictures," she whispered in my ear softly. Waiting for the answer, as I stared into her eyes, and then Jordan took me in her mouth. 
"FUCK," I yelled taken by surprise and pulled me out fast and hard. She sucked slowly as she bobbed her back and forth. 
"Jesus Jordan," I whispered to myself and I feel the oxygen leave my body, trying to catch air. 
"We sent you the photos, we didn't like her with you so we sent the photos not just because we were selfish because we wanted you to know the truth, the real truth," Alexia said. 
"Jordan God please, baby girl, OMG FUCK Jordan," I yelled inside the car. My mind and body were exploring tet=rritories that even I didn't know existing.
"I and Jordan are in a relationship, we see staring at us and we knew instantly you were the one we were looking for, the one that we waited so long to please," Alexia said as she kissed and sucked on my neck. 
"Jordan baby girl, please I'm almost there," I panted  slightly speaking words from the air that I had left in my body. 
"Jordan finishes him," Alexia said. My body erupted, as the cum spilled into Jordan's mouth. Her head releasing me and I see the cum dripping from her mouth. 
"you taste really good Justin," Jordan said as she took a seat on my left thigh. "so Justin we'll you be ours." They both asked as they looked at me. Nodding repeatedly as I felt my head could come off, Jordan skilled softly as she hugged me.  Alexia smiled softly at me, and kissed my forehead. After a few more words we were out the car, heading out a way to last period. 
"Okay, I'll see you guys later," I said making my way to GYM. Jordan nodded slightly at an Alexia, as she made her way down the hallway, while Alexia stayed. She grabbed my hand and pulled me into a janitors closet. 
"You really am going to let you go to GYM when I didn't even get a taste, known Justin you have got to learn," she grinned as she unbuckled my pants, I am so starting to wear sweatpants to school. 

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