A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


14. New Years Eve

Well, now that I have time, for once, I will give you a check in on what's been going on. To start:

- Alpha died

-We got a new Alpha

-Beta died

-New Beta

-Old war ended

-New war started

-Treaty with the Sup. Hunters

-Pack separation


-Made the pack battle trainer/ lead fighter

-Training  stopped

-My wolf becoming more on edge

-A rogue werewolf hunter fallowing me around

     -Possibly trying to protect me

     -Night Alpha and Beta died he protected me

-Scrambled curiosity of Hunters

-Border pack raids of our territory


That's the run down in the simplest form. The long story is that this all happened in two days. On the first day, I was awakened early along with the rest of the pack with a great air of unease. We went on that day as normal carrying out what we needed to do. We went through the day ready for an attack. As night fell we got a strange feeling of being watched. Alpha and Beta were out on bisness. They left earlier the day before and were coming back when everyone was simotaniusly attacked. We lost several of our strongest fighters before the Beta died and then Alpha fiollowed right behind. After that I personally didnt know what to do and was ready to go out and help all of the other pack members

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