A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


26. July 24

Training last night went well, I informed that of what I will do. They have already started making changes to work around a well structured pack. I already chose the one who I think would make a great Beta for the pack in the future, but I haven't made it official on who my replacement would be. The Alpha know and opened his territory for my pack to travel through along with negotiating with the neighboring packs and his allies to allow mine open borders. I'm thinking I will take in the strong wolves and help other packs become stronger after I establish mine. It seems far, I mean we travel and I have already started to train and strengthen the packs that I have been in so whats the harm in helping others. If I start with that then I can hopefully help others with that as well. Well, we will see how that work out. Hoping this training I do will help this pack in the future. Now its time to start more training and its going to kill them with how difficult it is.

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