A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


3. Entry Three: November 1

Today just might be the day I leave my human life behind and live with the pack from now on. Alpha believes it will be for the best for me, my human family, and the pack. It appears to be the best for the pack considering that I have a lot of strength that needs to be controlled, and with that comes me being easily agitated and shifting uncontrollably. Alpha is thinking more of me and those around me. Today he has been persistently calling me to him again making me feel like I am in a bath of needles every time I resist his call. I am beginning to feel like I should live with the pack and work with my wolf before I go to college with more frustrations and aggravations. I mean it seems like a good choice to get a hold of my ability. What if I get made one day and hurt someone who can't fight a shifter, like my baby brother or teacher. I say that since I get angry at anything that goes aginst what I think like the one I share a room with intentionally making me mad, people angering me with their misunderstanding of my actions, and most of all when people stick their face in mine. It makes my wolf want to come out and protect me from potential harm, and I have to bite my lip and hold her back.


At least if I decide to live with my pack it would stop me hurting people who don't expect it. Although I have on of the most rage that comes from a simple thing, and the strength is even worse since I have so much it brought me up to rank fifty from five hundred and twenty-three in an hour! I just do not know what to do anymore. I want to live with the pack, but I am not sure if I could leave the life I have known for years and just start up a new one in the same day. I am trying to make up my mind so much, but I... just... can't. What should I do?


Alpha decided I should tell my human family of everything and the warning he gave me for them wich was, "I warn you all that if she is to get angered to turn a blind eye and leave her to calm down. She is not what you think she is." I decided to give the warning to the only one who knew more that I was moody, she who shares my room. I did what I was told, to an extent.

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