A Werewolf's Diary

Follow the dangerous and hurt filled life of Renay.


7. Entry Seven: November 14

I have no clue what to say.


OMG! Alpha has ticked me off to the extream now! He starts by calling me every day till it gets up to calling me every five minutes, now its like he doesn't want to deal with anything I have to say or do! Why does he have to be an adult five-year-old? I am sure that he is somewhere pouting over the fact that I will not come when he says to. If he expects me to be at his beck and call all the time he is horribly MISTAKEN! Why did I have to be one of the strongest premature shifters around? Why just why? Someone help me. Please! Help me!


I am sure that he will come up and attack me at some point and time forcing my hand with telling my human family the truth. Should I go to Alpha, or should I stay here till he gets the thought of coming here and attacking me so that I am forced, to tell the truth? What would that do to the life I have formed now? Would it be changed or forgotten? My human family is the only reason that I have it as I do. I am at a loss of what to do in my life right now.

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